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until next year

By 12/30/2009
friends, i am off.  going to bald head island with brian meares and friends to ring in the new year.

2009 was quite the doozy.  lost a job that needed to be lost for quite some time.  lost $.  then found myself lost.  picked up my mess, moved on, got over grudges, realized a dream, made a lot of new friends and now i'm riding it out to see where i end up.  let's hope it's a 1980's style playboy spread and a hotel developer husband.
or not.

enjoy these things that i find highly entertaining


2. i read it front to back in one sitting: http://aubreyroad.blogspot.com/



happy festivus, and all.


By 12/30/2009
for christmas, my mom and dad donated to our home improvement fund.  the gift was delivered on the front porch of a miniature replica of our house my mom made of candy bars, paper and tiffany's boxes.
complete with a tiny pillow on the swing and a windswept rowdy in the boat. and all the cats in the windows

real or no?

By 12/30/2009

i ripped this out of lucky last month, and it's been sitting on my desk since.
my kmart does not have it. nor does my mom's? does yours?
i feel like a lot of happiness would ensue were i to have it.

bookcase of the day

By 12/29/2009


By 12/28/2009
i'm scared to go home.  if this is what my house looked like, i would not be feeling so.

brian is working on the roof today, and on changing the somethingorother in his land rover.  when he does activities like these, our house is the casualty.  particularly the doorknobs, which become covered in grease, the kitchen sink, and the floor.

i'm at the shop, painting.  (i'm closed on mondays).  it's really too cold to paint but i'm pushing my luck.  many things have turned fabulously red, and it's only 12:00.

fergie, sometimes i miss you.

By 12/24/2009

thank you come again

By 12/24/2009
firstly, sorry for the mia. i've been sick. super sick.  brian got it too.  and 3 more of us who had oysters sunday night.

things are improving.  i ate some food today.  that was a plus.  i'm at home, in winston-salem.  i went snooping in my mom's closet and found her present stash.  she hides them in the closet instead of under tree b/c her crazy teenage cats attack them if they're out.

additionally, i disovered the cuteset little blog - apt. 412.  delight with me in her bathroom match display

and her holiday sensabilities

thirdly, merry christmas to all.  and thank you for buying all of my christmas candles and almost all of my ornaments.  that worked out well.

bookcase of the day

By 12/24/2009

christmas style

i have not forgotten the power of an ebay rug

By 12/19/2009

wouldn't this small kilim be nice in a black and white bathroom?

it's the perfect size.

OH.  and this pillow.  the pinkness of it.

this one could also be fun if used correctly.

bookcase of the day

By 12/18/2009

a few things

By 12/18/2009
these trays are fantasically good looking

christmas present for myself. whoops.

this room is superb.
these curtains can be attained by purchasing these from PB in greenhouse

one rug, two rooms

By 12/16/2009
make believe design is the best. there's no budget. no limits. and no opinions but your own!

bryn and i decided to design rooms based around anthroplogie's conure rug. voila: a bedroom by bryn, and a sitting room by moi.
Wallpaper: Cole & Son, Tartan by Vivienne Westwood in Coral
Bed: Ethan Allen Quincy Bed
Chandelier: Shades of Light Bud Lantern
Dresser: Wisteria
Side table: Pottery Barn with Anthro knobs
Lamp: Robert Abbey Peacock lamp
Throw pillow: Amy Butler Gothic Rose fabric in Blue

sofa: wisteria
chandelier: ballard
cube tables: jayson
art: art.com
happiness jar: wisteria
zebra chair: wshome
side table: jayson
bolster pillow: anthro
mirror: wshome
curtain panels: west elm
floor lamp: j. adler

a bed in review

By 12/15/2009

rowdy has now had ample time to review the dog bed allmodernpet.com sent him, and he is now ready to disclose his opinions.

he chose the harry barker silhouette bed and promptly upon its arrival he started digging in it and wallering in general with an occasional bark.
after the initial inspection period, he climbed right onto the middle of it, and that is where he has stayed when he's at the shop.

he's never had a nice dog bed before b/c at home his sisters pee on his bed. that's the life he leads.

but here at the store, he is gloriously bedded, in organic cotton with a zip off washable cover.

he recommends the bed to all dogs who want to treat themselves to a plush rectangle of dog luxury.

2 paws up.

bookcase of the day

By 12/12/2009

david hicks

rabbit roundup

By 12/12/2009
i'm reading watership down right now, and it's been so long since i last read it, it's all new again. last night they got in the boat with the 'mudders' and i swear, i stayed up 2 hours reading to make sure they made it away from wormwort. so i have bunnies on the brain. here's my rabbit roundup:

1- jackrabbit print, 2- rabbit foot keychain, 3- forest creature belt, 4- cottontail ornament

5- grand game wallpaper, 6- ceramic cookie jar, 7- rabbit vessels, 8- tank

9- embroidered pillow, 10- cake toppers, 11- snow rabbit necklace, 12- herend rabbits

13- killer bunny tee, 14- mister rabbit candle 15- wonderland candleholder, 16- blackberry painting

17- yarn bunny, 18- rabbit pillow, 19- rabbit ring, 20- rabbit parade tape


By 12/12/2009
this is a fantastic christmas CD.  listen to the whole thing here.
this is the fantasticist track on it.

just because

By 12/11/2009

note big black schnauzer.

a few new things

By 12/10/2009
excuse the crappy iphone photos please

chalkboard paint!

dear yellow

By 12/10/2009

i used to despise you so very much.

but now! now i think you're great looking with crisp white and tan.

you happy little bedroom, you.

rowdy reviews

By 12/09/2009

tomorrow, rowdy will be reviewing the new dog bed he recieved courtesy of allmodernpet.com. he's going to gather his thoughts this 'eve and report honestly and openly tomorrow.

in the meantime, he wants you to become familar with the sister company of modernpet, allmodern.com, and particularly their vitra line. he thinks he may get me these funny guys for xmas.

stay tuned.

extreme surfing

By 12/09/2009

there's some crazy action going on out in the pacific that's kicking up 50 foot giant waves in hawaii.

surfers at waimea beach throw the eddie aikau surfing competition when the waves get this big. apparently all the big wave surfers from around the world just jump on a plane.

i've always been fascinated with big waves. i frequently have dreams about them -- wonder what that means?

check this out from 2002

need help spotting

By 12/08/2009

i'm looking for a wood carved panel like this one above the mantel. any advice?

bookcase of the day

By 12/08/2009

happy birthday!

By 12/06/2009

to you.

personal fave

By 12/05/2009
i know i'm swamping you guys with store pictures, but just one more.

i'm having major anxieties about letting things go. when a customer comes in and decides to buy a piece, i have to start taking really deep breaths.

like this. this little vignette makes me so happy, i don't see how i could ever part with any bit of it. surely someone will want to take all the bits of it home together. all as a family.

the green lamps, the botanicals, the buffet.


but the very definition of vignette is a brief incident or scene, so i'll suffice to enjoy it all in its briefness.

(don't get me wrong, i WILL part with all it - i just might interview you about your intentions before it leaves me =)

solid gold gift guide

By 12/04/2009
i'm all about metallic gold lately, so this year's gift guide is all shiny and glammed up.
1- gold monstera leaf, 2- bird bowl, 3- suede driving mocs, 4- moroccan pouf
5- thalia pillow, 6- gold bangles, 7- the style strategy by nina garcia, 8- pomegranate salt and pepper shakers
9- hippo, 10- metallic parlour hobo, 11- suzani pillow,  12- 12K white gold candle holders

13- wallet, 14- fox door knocker, 15- ceramic stool, 16- nail polish

17- andra jacket, 18- pinecones, 19- snakeskin wide cuff, 20- passport holder

bookcase of the day

By 12/03/2009

oh! what a good idea

By 12/02/2009
man, people are smart.

james and alexa launched paperless post this year to bridge the gap between great looking personalized invitations and the ease of online invitation distribution and mangement.

paperless post is evite's big city cousin who shows up for holidays in chanel.  you choose from great looking bespoke style invites, select an envelope liner, address the cards and send them out - all for the price of a stamp.

when the recipient clicks on the personalized envelope, the sassy invite swoops out in a flourish of fabulousness.
you can even include reply cards for fancy events.
how about that?

i need a haircut

By 12/02/2009

and sarah posted some pretty pictures of the store over at the estate of things.

here's the deal

By 12/01/2009

i have a cold. coughing. head. crud.

everytime i cough, prowler meows.

rowdy put on a christmas collar today. that may be the extent of the meares' festivities this year.

i looked at kelly wearstler fabrics today. i don't understand how you can come from myrtle beach, sc and charge $400 a yard.

contemporary dancing is my least favorite style.

i painted my fingernails dark green and that went well.

old navy diva fit skinny jeans are a yes.