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in her nasty paint stained nikes...

By 10/30/2009

camila featured me in her series 'in her shoes' today.

includes store updates!

guess who got window decals up today?

By 10/29/2009



By 10/28/2009
1. of rowdy's halloween costume. he's a squirrel and couldn't be happier about it.
really. when he's not wearing it, he carries it around.

2. furniture i painted. will be for sale. in store. shiny!
and my floors at the shop. $0.69 a square foot!

bookcase of the day

By 10/27/2009

wonderfully weird

By 10/27/2009

these photos from ruven afanador are to die for. just in time for this weekend!

reposted from coco+kelley

do you really love the lamp, or are you just saying it because you saw it?

By 10/26/2009
take a good look and consider.
who's coming with you? any of them?

(just a little market research)

what could have been

By 10/25/2009

at the store, i had to do all of the building upfit myself.

the budget was strettttched to cover just the basics, so no real design stunners emerged in the execution of it.

with the money concerns, and my super tight turnaround, i didn't get to sit down with my favorite images and create the dream rooms i would have in a perfect world.

i remembered this image today, and had a 'why didn't i do that' moment. that blue wallcovering is oh-so-thom-filicia, and would have made me fantastically happy. but at least my paint is blue. and my client chairs are ghost armchairs, and my desk has sassy legs like this. my bathroom mirror is a similar style and thanks to my mom, there are plants galore.

a picture you say? certainly. as soon as it's ready. patience grasshoppers.


By 10/23/2009


well said: an aesthete's lament

By 10/22/2009

a friend turned me on to the blogger an aesthete's lament, who posts quirky quotes regarding style, decorating and living well in general.

i stumbled on this one tonight:

"I don't know if I should, but I judge people by their picnics".

So said Lady Moyra Cavendish (1876-1942), wife of Lord Richard Cavendish and a daughter of the 10th Duke of St Albans.

i have discovered the pinncale of delicious

By 10/21/2009

and this is it.

bookcase of the day

By 10/21/2009

store updates / my life

By 10/19/2009
my light fixtures went in today! hark followed by hallelujah. upfit on the building is FINALLY almost done.

there was a nasty drop ceiling i got ambitious and ripped out myself one sunday afternoon, and the last two weeks have been dealing with the aftermath mostly. good news is there was a lovely original tin ceiling under the tiles.
in other news, i came home from painting furniture all day and got a wild hair to paint all of our trim downstairs. let me tell you: newly painted trim is about as fulfilling as it gets. wonders. WONDERS, is what it works.

also, rowdy has decided to do a motivational speaking tour series called Upward Dog.
(Brian's joke, not mine)

old school

By 10/18/2009
love these vintage beach photos on life.com.
you can buy them framed directly from the site for $99

this is the best costume for the day

By 10/16/2009
my friend caroline threw a fantastically staunch grey gardens party last night, complete with dinner served from pie tins, flowers in cat food containers, ice cream eaten with knives and dancing with flags.

our inspiration - the fabulously nutty little edie:

bookcacse of the day

By 10/16/2009

bone insurance

By 10/14/2009

i just love this commercial

and for my next trick...

By 10/13/2009

here's the big news: i am opening a store.

yup, it's really happening. and it's a lot like driving up a huge hill. when you approach it, it's pretty scary. once you start up, the perspective changes, and it's not as steep as it seemed. and i'm sure i'll look back and say that was a big. ass. hill.

anywho. furbish studio. in this cute little building on glenwood avenue in raleigh. lease is signed. upfit is in progress. inventory is being ordered. furniture is having fairy dust sprinkled on it as we speak.

i'm going to carry 'reimagined' furniture, other home furnishings and accessories, and offer interior decorating services out of the store.

this has been a dream of mine FOREVER and i can't believe it's really happening. it's the culmination of a lot of fortuitous events - some bad, some good - that has brought me to this once in a lifetime chance.

the ship might sink, but i'm going to enjoy the view from the back of the boat until it does.

i'm aiming for a grand opening party mid-november, and of course you'll all be invited.

wish me luck.

IV stat!

By 10/12/2009

love this clever drink dispenser from plum party.

halloween is on a saturday this year - so perhaps we'll actually turn the front porch lights on.

floating houses

By 10/12/2009
brian and i were pleasure boating over the weekend. miraculously the boat had not broken down, and we discovered a new to us marina, where i saw these docked floating houses. how cute are they?! front porch and all!

tiny porkers

By 10/12/2009

the newest celebrity pet craze - apparently.
look at those hooves!

here's my tiny porker

(rowdy's registered name with the AKC is Shalimar's Rowdy Whistlepig Meares. His grandmother was Shalimar's Whitney Houston, whose beau was Shalimar's Courvoisier. Lest not forget Uncle Shalimar's Garth Brooks, and his father, Shalimar's Dreamin' of Freedom.)

bookcase of the day

By 10/09/2009

giant puppets

By 10/09/2009
weird. a little scary. very giant.

at least they're in love.
more here


By 10/09/2009

is a good night.

i made a lemon cake and it totally crumbled when i plopped it out of the pan. i'm not going to tell you how much frosting i used to reassemble it, but i'll say it was a delicious amount.

summer's last hurrah

By 10/07/2009
the end of summer means huge savings on warm weather staples. some notables:

white matchstick jeans - were $110, now $19.99

tory burch tunic - was $275, now $110

scattered petals tank - was $88, now $29.99

papillon lady short - were $175, now $79

DC shadow dress - was $50, now $24.99

spotted tank - was $24.50, now $7.99

kalakaua mailot suit - was $198, now $39

on my radar

By 10/07/2009
a trifecta of design books.

(i had no idea abbi of crazy i swear that thing is photoshopped bathroom chandelier had a book!)

i am t-pain

By 10/06/2009

yup, i bought the app a few weeks ago. brian and i started rapping while cooking dinner the other night and we made quite the recording. first single? possibly so.

bookcase of the day

By 10/06/2009


By 10/06/2009

have you ever?

By 10/04/2009
jcrew crewcuts.

what ever happened to umbros and tightrolled jeans and duckheads?