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of course

By 7/31/2009

chomp chomp

By 7/31/2009
tiny delightful cupcake liners from bake it pretty make me want to bake it pretty much right now.
i think i need to move on to bite size cupcakes. less danger.

process this intrawebs

By 7/31/2009

i'm a googler. if i need to do something, or diagnose something, or learn something, or identify something, i google.

so here google. offer this up.

i took the microfiber covers off of the couch and washed them in the washing machine.

woolite and handwash cycle.

then i air dryed them.

and put them back on.

and everything is FINE.

they are clean. they didn't shrink. they don't have water spots.

it is possible. and i recommend it.

bookcase of the day

By 7/30/2009

see them?

looking at on ebay

By 7/29/2009
vintage french wallpaper, elephant garden stool, lamps, grand banks trawler, pillow, book cart, shag rug, lockers, gilt wheat table

wolf end tables

By 7/29/2009

are like the new eagle console tables, right?

spotted on philly's craigslist.

more deals

By 7/29/2009

a chippendale inspired arm chair for less than $100.

tiny delights

By 7/29/2009
i think this sofa is a lovely option for under $1000

especially when you have some dollars left to splurge on these to go on it.

more than a few things

By 7/29/2009
rowdy's non beach life bores him

prowler remains alert and in charge of the household menagerie

i discovered this lamp in brian's mom's basement and invited it to come live with us. it needs a new shade. remind me where to find inexpensive drum shades?

making curtains for a client. maybe i need some?


i changed the shelves again. you can do it - steroids can help.


two things here:
1) OUR HOT TUB IS RUNNING. first time in 3 years. we bought it on craigslist and subsequently had to build a new deck, pass 4 acts in congress, and save our pennies. we got in it last night. delightful.
2) our neighbor's tree fell across our backyard. all the way across. very george of the jungle. insurance company isn't here yet to assess if it was an act of god - imagine.

rocky mountain wedding

By 7/27/2009
boulder is wonderful in the summer.chautauqua-park-boulder-col256

john and alexis got married at chatauqua park, at the foot of flatirons. it was gorgeous. and so much fun.

the wedding band was great american taxi (with vince herman from leftover salmon!)

our bridesmaids gifts were custom books from blurb. perfect.

alexis was beautiful and tiny.

feathers were spotted in hair

poison ivy was hidden

bookcase of the day

By 7/27/2009

slash dvd shelf


By 7/27/2009

from here

are you not entertained!?

By 7/27/2009

well hey there. i'm back.
everything went swimmingly. full report coming soon.

in the meantime, does every magazine being published right now SUCK or what?

i tried capturing my attention with at least NINE different magazines while i was gone and NOTHING.
traditional home, dwell, us weekly, elle, metropolitan home, marie claire...

i could not find a single article in any of these that interested me in the least. or good pictures. they're all going to go bust if the bar gets any lower...

please jesus let michelle adams' new endeavor, lonny magazine, entertain me.

and i'm out

By 7/23/2009
so we're headed off to boulder. and i'm a shaking, not-eating, just moved about a 100lb dresser upstairs by myself, screamed at brian b/c he got the wrong oreos on steroids nutjob.

i went with this dress (in brown of course) -- can't find a pic of the brown one online.

one nu-bra and my first pair of spanx and it's looking pretty good.

i have a long dress for the rehearsal dinner, and lots of pants packed, so no one will know how i suffer. it's best that way, i'm such a selfless person really...

i won't be back until tuesday. so please make do.

here are a few of my favs to keep you occupied:
little green notebook
my favorite and my best
bryn alexandra
oh happy day
the estate of things

art tip

By 7/22/2009

frame them.


STEROIDS ARE MAKing ME LOooney. really.

whatever happened to...

By 7/22/2009

martha poof balls.

were they a fad?

i still love them.

well played

By 7/22/2009

brian has an interesting way of pairing his collared shirts and undershirts.

he wears both everyday, and it's always an expected mix.

i support this.


By 7/22/2009

don't get me wrong, i have them scattered all abouts the house for rowdy to lay on, and otherwise luxuriate on.

but the floor?

yesterday i purposely went and stepped on one at pottery barn that was on display beside a bed. ground my foot into it and everything, just to express my displeasure with how dirty it would get.

could this really be tolerable? in the kitchen!

do you have one on your floor?

accent tables

By 7/21/2009
everyone seems to be needing accent tables. often overlooked, but delightful if you have the right one.

here are a few i'm suggesting.
crate and barrel, target, pier 1

crate and barrel, jayson home & garden, ws home

and please remember to consider this $199 ottoman from JCP

uh oh

By 7/21/2009

friends, i need you now more than ever.

due to the leprosy all over my legs (poison ivy) i cannot wear the cuteasall dress WITH POCKETS that i got for the wedding this weekend.

i'm going to have to go long. i got permission from alexis - now i just need to find something.

has anyone seen anything long and brown?

bookcase of the day

By 7/21/2009

just right

By 7/21/2009

check out the rest here.

thinking out loud

By 7/21/2009
this ceiling medallion needs to be caulked around the edges.
i hate caulking.

my couch is dying a slow and spotty death.
what am i going to do about this?

choices seemed more black and white at bonnaroo

goodwill find
does anyone else get excited about this other than me?

this morning

By 7/21/2009
i woke up bright and early, b/c i am on steriods.

i'm dealing with an epic outbreak of poison ivy, and prednisone is the only way out. it makes me crazy.

so i got to see brian's morning routine. he makes breakfast with a cat parrot on his shoulder.

and aren't torties lovely?

it's not all bad news

By 7/20/2009

i know what we're having for dinner tonight.

knocks you down

By 7/20/2009

click to play

i used to be commander of my pimp ship flying high.

looking at on ebay

By 7/19/2009

needlepoint pillows.

yes. absolutely.

for the rest of us

By 7/17/2009
some lovely josef frank-esque fabrics to get the job done.
should you not be able to swing the real deal.

i fully expect you'll end up with this.