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By 5/31/2009

one of my favorite stores at wrightsville beach, hallelu, sells inexpensive maxi dresses for like $30. they're always too long for me, so on this black one, knowing i had to hem it anyway, i went ahead and added a strip of this new favorite fabric.

it definitely takes it up a notch!

By 5/31/2009

tarheel fans

By 5/29/2009

bobby frasor is pretty funny.

check it out.

get it!

By 5/29/2009

this is really really good looking.

maybe i'll be appointed rug czar.

another room for liz

By 5/29/2009
it's onto her bathroom, that's how quickly and greatly i work.

here's the before:
and what we're going to add:

under my umbrellaellaellaaye shower curtain, new pendant lamp, black wastebasket, a vanity tray and yes, an asparagus fern.

bookcase of the day

By 5/29/2009

also, have you visited houzz.com?

it's a new resource with a searchable gallery of home images, which is where i found this bc. you can create your own inspiration files and check out others. guess who's front and center with a home tour. i swear to god, i could navigate their house in the dark, if you know what i'm saying.

more uses of blown up birds

By 5/29/2009

do not explode them, enlarge them.


By 5/29/2009

a few weeks ago, on the way home from the beach, i shrieked loudly at brian - which i do often, but this time it was because there was a hot air balloon floating down the interstate beside us.

i'd forgotten how lovely they are. i used to see them a lot when i was young - they'd land in a big corn field that was behind our house - but it's been forever since i've seen one flying.

we talked about it and both decided we want to take a hot air balloon ride sooner than later. we don't do nearly enough exciting things. like get your heart racing, exhilarating, wonderfully scary adrenaline rushing fun things.

a few summers ago, at the lake, i jumped off the top of the boat house into the water. in st. john, we went sailing in 12 foot waves (brian says 5). really. that's about all i have.

at the old J O B, my heart raced all the time, but that was because I never knew what kind of shitstorm i was walking into each day.

what do you do to get an adrenaline rush these days?

if i wanted to make mood boards, i would have been a psychiatrist

By 5/28/2009

my first big girl decorating project = liz's new apartment. we're starting with the bedroom.

here's the long and short of it...


we're liking her west elm duvet, in clay and the anthro spiral vine shams.

we're going to switch up the furniture placement like so

i shall sprinkle fairy dust generously, resulting in light gray (with a touch of purple) walls, a new zig zaggy runner for beside the bed, a floor lamp for the corner to go beside her chair, a dresser snagged on craigslist for $20 with a new coat of white paint, some fancy knobs and her orange lamp on it, a framed print liz has, a bohomenian modern traveler delight area with her desk and a mirror hanging over it. we'll keep her beside table and lamp, and add a floor lamp to the other side, and we'll curtain it up with anthro's canopy curtain. add some glass poof balls and a little asparagus fern action, pretty things up with some prints and little bits that liz has and holler back, we're done!

bring out the guacamole, i've done it again!

if you'd like me to eat your guacamole and delight up your rooms, email me. i'm as wide open as a dixie chick.

you can't put a dollar figure on being a sell out.

By 5/28/2009

being a woman of temporary leisure allows one to wander their home, waiting for the next load of laundry to dry. let's see what we've encountered.

does this lamp make me look fat?
that artwork: i made it. i'll make you one too. for $35

don't you give me that look.
see those big ass pillows? i made them, from a duvet cover. i'll make you some too, for $35.

jamie, pray tell, what's on your bed these days? you seem to change it ere so often.
it's a thomas o'brien duvet from ebizzle. and the ikat pillows we discussed. i'll help you find lovely bedding on ebay for... $35!

ah yes, the shelves in the kitchen. let's check on the orange section.
and the twilight section.
and the green/tiny chair region
you too could have color coordinated, meticulously accessorized shelves for an astoundingly reasonable price of $35 (an hour)

and finally, we have added a naked lindsay lohan to the framed clustereff in the study. let's memoralize the naked 18 year old body as my thighs creep closer together.
you're welcome to the new york magazine that still has several naked pics of lindsay in it, should you wish your husband to have a constant comparison located conveniently in his office. you guessed it! $35.

the state of my guestroom/office is such

By 5/28/2009

cluttered with crap. i got my new printer and whilst installing it, covered the bed in crap.

i tell you what, if it weren't for guests, i would do away with a guest bed. it has this way of taking up the whole room and making the office less effective.

looking good, feeling good

By 5/28/2009
a have a new calling card, should i call upon someone
rowdy visits with many friends in the neighborhood, and should they not be at home when he calls, he pees on a bush to let them know he stopped by.

tomatoe tomato.

oh, i think so!

By 5/28/2009

from him.


By 5/27/2009

you can't beat $40 for a 5' by 7' rug in a never-gets-old print.

pair this up with a few of those crazy birds you're framing, throw two upholstered armchairs, and a floor lamp in a cozy corner and call it done.

bookcase of the day

By 5/27/2009

liking it.

rowdy's current phase

By 5/27/2009


evidenced by this scene brian happened upon at the beach.

things to note:
downed triceratops to right of coffee table
rowdy cowering, yet still holding onto toy
dog leash in red, front and center, which had been stripped of all poop bags, which were shredded also.

dear consumers

By 5/27/2009

i need a report.

before i head out and get a printer/scanner, does anyone want to suggest one that they particularly like?

something basic. print. scan. copy.

sharing is caring

By 5/26/2009
this is breaking news. i found this site: vintage printables, with high resolution images of birds, fish, botanticals, and all kinds of other stuff.

i had an immediate attraction to this ostrich because he has an obvious swagger, but i needed something horizontal. so i picked another bird, took him to kinkos and had him printed out for $30 at 27.25" by 19.25" (to fit an ikea frame)

and now, over the bed delight. artwork on the supercheap because i ain't got no J O B.

so here's your inspiration pic: go forth and blow some shit up and frame it
Picture 4

Black Platform Bed in Cherry Wood.


By 5/23/2009

while catching up at over at stylecourt, i found a link to this, the pilot episode of designing women, and an hour later, i'm still sitting here watching clips on youtube.
man, you don't know what you've got til it's gone.

sugar scrub

By 5/23/2009

earlier this week i made a sugar scrub

turbinado sugar
vitamin e
lemon oil
and little diced mint

bam = delightful as can be.

i left it in shower at the beach, and i've had it identified as brunswick stew and bbq. that's fine. more for me.


By 5/22/2009

is it just here or have the strawberries everywhere been as delicious as possible this season? we've been going through buckets of them.

{photo from yvestown's flickr}

pretty pictures.

By 5/22/2009

check out this flickr photostream. she's 15.

i am 29. i've watched dr. phil for three days in a row.

bookcase of the day

By 5/22/2009

i'd check into these

By 5/22/2009
if i were you (and quickly b/c they're ending soon!)


here, here , here, here and here

ivy cottage and dance off watch

By 5/21/2009

so ivy cottage is a VAST consignment shop in wilmington nc - they've grown to fill three buildings and a huge warehouse. you have to be in the mood to be overwhelmed, but you can turn up some amazing finds.

which brings me to: eddie ross, et al. yal's glorious etsy offerings are a dime a dozen. they're a glimmer in the big haired, capri pant, gold jewelry wearing, this is "eck-pense-sive wedgewood!" tauting ladies's eyes who lord over the ivy cottage.

i'm sorry - i know i sound punchy. i do think there's value in finding pretty things for people. traffic being sent your way, hopefully. not hating, but possibly suggesting a dance off?

some things i spotted with my below average camera phone:
ivy18ivy cottage
our purchase - this lovely gray and yellow dhurrie my mom got for 1 hundo $.

(oops! how did rowdy get in there!)