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29 presents

By 4/30/2009
the month of celebrating my birth is upon us, so i've decided to be as helpful as possible and outline 29 gift options. my birthday is may 17th - please prepare accordingly.

first up, this book:

have you seen it in person? --you can just flip open to any page, and bam: hot sexy perfection.

i need it.

bookcase of the day

By 4/30/2009

from the estate of things

free fonts!

By 4/28/2009

i found a great new (to me) source for free fonts tonight - check them out here.

looking at on ebay - now with links!

By 4/28/2009

gilt letter holder, ceramic horse, vintage globe, missoni pillow, ram table base, tufted velvet pillow, kellogg's stand, convex federal mirror, zig zag duvet, bus station roller sign, vintage terrarium, embroidered mexican dress, old apothecary jars, vintage monogrammed linen pillowcases, outdoor bar


By 4/27/2009

it's hot being this furry in unseasonably warm temperatures.

lights on

By 4/27/2009

my paper lantern and the new ceiling medallion i ordered on ebay.

bookcase of the day

By 4/26/2009

in the closet!

from the selby

several things

By 4/25/2009
it's 90ยบ+ today. that's hot. rather than participate i watched brian mess around with his new garden, and documented for posterity.
he's no edward cullen, but i'm going to keep him

this is the begonia who's living in front of the house and happy thus far.

this is my driveway. it's lovely and brick, but of no use to me because it is filled with things that aren't mine, and generally don't move.

other successes around the house include rowdy co-existing somewhat peacefully with his sister prowler, and with his sister paris in the backyard, as they work together to dig for a common cause - a vol maybe?

this, my friends, is another off the street find, which i lugged home whilst walking rowdy and now have a bruise the size of wichita kansas on my side. i'm painting it yellow, clearly.

likewise with this wine crate - on the street with the table! i lined it with plastic and planted zinnias in it.

you can now release your bated breath - this is what i decided to do with the basement of dreams and guacamole and two columns in the middle of the room.

this is the wisteria growing on the trellis out back, which has decided to come back to life just this week, and is making me immensely happy.

and this - this is a page i ripped out of martha because it's lovely. we've already tried at least 5 of the colors in different rooms in our house, since i've failed to develop any cohesive color scheme.


By 4/23/2009
jcrew's new lyla peep toes.

out of the closet

By 4/23/2009
a glorious thing happened in my closet this week. this

turned into this!

i ripped all of the cheap wood shelves and replaced it with BESTA cabinets from ikea (more cheap wood!). no more mess! or at least that you can see - it's behind doors now!

ikat. i can.

By 4/21/2009
supposing i didn't have enough ikat in my life, i bought these silk pillow cases on ebay last week for our bed.

i'm hoping they make us happy for a lifetime. we'll see when they get here...


By 4/21/2009
i was catching up on my catalogs last night, while brian watched ice road truckers, again, and i saw this hot piece of happiness.

it's on sale from wshome, which normally is waaaay too expensive for this old girl, but at $999 seemed almost... reasonable.

bookcase of the day

By 4/21/2009

from urban grace via house beautiful


By 4/18/2009

i've.been.officially.sucked.in. (no pun intended...well maybe). i read it in two nights. i have no idea what the deal is that makes this book so compelling (one good theory: edward cullen).

at the end, when she thinks he finally might do it - and he's all up on her neck, "are you ready for it now?". i thought i would hyperventilate. how lusty!

i'm renting the movie tonight, then i've got to get the next book, STAT.

this is ridiculous.

imagining if.

By 4/17/2009

when i imagine my family in the backyard, gathered around our fire pit, sitting on ikea chairs, roasting marshmallows, it looks sort of like this. well mostly exactly like this.

i'm guessing you have to take the ikea chairs in when weather is inclement? anyone have ideas on this?

um, help?

By 4/17/2009

so i have a huge favor to ask my loyal readers.

i am in need of some design work, quick like. i'd normally do this myself, but i'm without any access to any design programs in the next day...

i need a biz card, with some simple text, jazzed up a bit.

should you be able to help me,
1: we'll start wearing this immediately if not sooner
2: i'll be glad to pay, just not $2837438 b/c this is a favor, remember, and you're getting a new best friend out of this.
3: you'll get a special package of things including but not limited to a zebra pillow, homemade linen spray and other delights.

any takers?

**hark! i've been helped. i love the intraweb -=)

a few updates

By 4/17/2009
so here's the mess i picked up off the street and used 54 cans of spray paint on

to end up with this

and is making a great neighbor beside this bookcase in the basement of dreams and guacamole

i love bookcases, have i told you that lately?

in unrelated news, there is a large contingent of window boxes outside the kitchen now:
we're growing dill, cilantro, basil, mint, chives, catnip and assorted lettuces.

STOP looking at that other stuff immediately!

By 4/14/2009

because i just found this.

looking at on ebay

By 4/14/2009

and i digress

By 4/13/2009
for the bachelorette party, i gladly assumed the duty of making penis cupcakes because i was terribly excited about trying out a new recipe i found for rainbow cake (please go see her's immediately as the pictures are gorgeous).

valerie and i got right to work, taking regular cake batter and adding food coloring to get 6 different colors.

i wear many hats.

now tell me this blog is only about buying stuff.


bo obama

By 4/13/2009

man, he's good looking! what a happy dog he'll be =)