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looking at on ebay

By 3/30/2009
i'm serious about those faux bamboo nesting tables. someone - please: bid on them.

riding in cars with dogs with beards

By 3/30/2009
results in:


wedding season: go!

By 3/30/2009
we went to a lovely outdoor wedding last weekend for lydia and ermanno. they rode away on a tandem bike, gave frisbees as favors, and i wore a peacock headband, which was jaunty, but required constant adjustments.

bookcase of the day

By 3/27/2009

goodbye kenny powers.

By 3/27/2009

eastbound and down wrapped up this week on hbo - if you didn't watch the 6 week series, then you're effing out. if you did, clearly you're in, and you're super sad that it's over. and you're crushed because kenny and april would have been so great together in tampa.

it's co-produced by will farrell, and filmed in north carolina. full of filthy language and hilarious one liners... sunday nights just won't be the same.

i'm rallying for season 2. who's coming with me?

summer shoes to consider NOW

By 3/26/2009

michael kors, american eagle, matt bernson, cynthia vincent, urban outfitters, delias and MIA

candy sushi?

By 3/26/2009

i don't like candy so much, but i do love sushi. and i always love cute and delightful.
so yes. count me in.

more on a candy sushi party here.

proust questionnaire

By 3/26/2009
one of my favorite and prettiest books of all is the proust questionnaire. i'm on a mission to have all of my favorite people fill out their answers.

vanity fair always has a questionnaire on the back page of every issue. i love how you can browse everyone who's contributed on their website.

summer style

By 3/25/2009

rehearsal dinner options for the summer wedding circuit? yes to the last two!

all from swell.com

never underestimate the effectiveness of rearranging things

By 3/25/2009
this is the creek in our backyard. it's full of tons of big river rocks.

every couple of weeks, brian moves some of them around.

it's very effective.

a rowdy montage

By 3/25/2009
per request

his favorite staring out the door position, riding in the car, taking work seriously, and wearing sunglasses

rowdy comes to work with me everyday, so there's lots of iphone camera documentation of dogness.


By 3/25/2009

i'm having some really positive feelings towards these roman shades.

sometimes i think i should just leave well enough alone, and keep the windows bare, but they just LOOK SO SNAZZY with shades.

bookcase of the day

By 3/25/2009

carpet delight

carolina girls

By 3/24/2009

nothing makes you want to go the beach with your girlfriends and get in some trouble more than this movie.

what if.

By 3/24/2009

when my brain has room to process auxiliary thoughts, i think about this bathroom.

and how ours is really similar and could be upgraded to fabulous with a funky mirror, a linen shower curtain and a fern in the window.

new delights

By 3/24/2009

rubie green's new organic bedding line. mmmmmm.....

house beautiful

By 3/23/2009

i’ve added house beautiful magazine into my repertoire since the other’s demise, and I’m really really liking it.
i love the question and answer style of their home features. the interviewers seem so down to earth. if the designer says “yes, what I did here is one of my favorite techniques’, the interviewer will be all “what techniques? what are you talking about? how come if you’re all into earthtones you painted the kitchen teal?” and then the designer will say something and the interviewer will chime in “forget about it, let’s talk about this chandelier!”

i do believe i will try out this roasted shrimp salad tonight from the current issue, if brian meares does not object.
bonus = me!


By 3/23/2009

i've decided to take the idea binder to the next level.

i've amassed so many pretty images in my flickr stream, so i'm using them to make a blurb coffee table book. just one - for me - because clearly these aren't my images.

i made a book of our last vacation photos with blurb and it turned out really great, so i feel good going into a second project. definitely check out blurb if you haven't - easy, relatively inexpensive and great quality custom books!

bookcase of the day

By 3/20/2009


book club

By 3/19/2009

it's been a while (8th grade) since i joined the BMG cd club, and ordered my steve miller band and phish hoist cd --only to crash and burn b/c i never ordered the full price cds to make the deal workout. but whateves, i'm at it again.

layers of meaning pointed me to homestyle books, a book club fashioned in the bmg style, where you get 4 books to start, and just pay shipping. i think you have to buy two more in the next two years, but i'll worry about that later.

i'm excited to get my picks (above) - only $13!

it's not that i'm not blogging...

By 3/19/2009

i'm just selectively blogging.

today = the weather is gorg.

sconces in the bedroom = i'd like to have them but if lamps on the nightstands have plenty of room, is it justified?

mirrors above the bed = heard it's bad feng shui

white linens with that oh so fancy trim = happiness

cat fur = doesn't go with white linens.

marinate on that for a while.
{image from shelter, the blogger of wonderful delights}

bookcase of the day

By 3/16/2009

scientific breakthroughs

By 3/16/2009

were made in my living room last nite.

baby wipes on microfiber couch = miracle.

we were trying to clean it with water, which just made stains worse. the water saturated the fabric too much, and left huge water rings, but the BABY WIPES! a little scrubbing, and the couch looks brand freaking new.

also - every sunday on oxygen - america's next top model marathons. all day long. is anyone else taking advantage of this wonderous happening?

have you ever seen a better looking dog collar?

By 3/13/2009

perfect for the discerning dog who's pulling for the tarheels in the ncaa tourney but wouldn't be caught dead in athletic wear at da club.

lots more here

looking at on ebay...

By 3/13/2009

dogs on furniture

By 3/13/2009

yes in our house.

how about yours?

and i must give credit to shelter, a new blog i discovered and saved about 290343 pictures from (this being one of them).

bird art

By 3/13/2009
i am smitten with the mincing mockingbird's bird paintings.

with names like:
'Lethal Lesson For A Greedy Hooker'
'A Financially Unstable Mess, But At The Liquor Store They Call Me Ma'am', = i'm sold

i swear i'll leave it alone after this...

By 3/13/2009

and give you a bevy of decor-related posts as a palate cleanser.

article here, from newsweek
**update - check this out

there, does that make it all better?

By 3/12/2009

i thought it would.

rowdy playing with his schnauzer.

foot = partially out of mouth?

By 3/12/2009

in regards to my economy post, i'm thinking maybe i didn't have my thoughts put together very well, and i apologize if i sounded cavalier. i know times are tough - for everyone - and if you take anything from it, i hope it's that a positive attitude has more benefit to everyone than a negative one, and that the media is a circus. and that i'd like to live on an island one day.

let's delight in this purple room together, and call it good?


By 3/12/2009
for your consideration, two product recommendations.

1) sunshine spa's mango ginger scrub. can't get enough of it. brian is even stealing it

2) american apparel's acid wash (yes, i said acid wash) deep v-neck. it's perfect. add jeans and tall boots = outfit.

never underestimate the power of effing shit up

By 3/11/2009

yesterday i reaffirmed my belief that when things break, all the they is a good smacking around to be fixed.

case in point - my camera broke a few weeks back. lens wouldn't focus. horrible beeping. no picture taking. this has happened to me at least 3 times now, and i'm tired of buying new cameras.

as my last course of action, i decided to thunk it with my palm. no dice. so i hit it against my shoe. then i banged it on my desk a few times. then i stood up, and chucked it as hard as i could onto the floor.

yup, you got it. works perfectly now.

bookcase of the day

By 3/11/2009

brass is the new silver

By 3/10/2009

there, i said it.

rock it don't stop it.

By 3/09/2009
yup. there she is.

i don't play.


By 3/09/2009

i’d like to cover a few things, starting with the economy, and ending with bathroom sinks.

I. i’m tired of hearing about the economy. i know things are really really tough for some people. i know everyone is stressed out, and nervous, and depressed and sad. But i strongly believe a good deal of this ‘crisis’ is perpetuated by fear, by the media and by resistance to change. think of this way - the problem started with losing money that NEVER existed. which leads me to…

II. if you can’t do everything you ‘want to’ right now (and no that does not include feeding your family, or paying your bills)-- it includes going shopping with eddie ross, or buying junk on ebay (yes, i do)– then your happiness is being dictated by money. and spending it. if you’d like to do something about this then…

III. change your lifestyle so that money is NOT the end all be all. this most likely, in my opinion, would require moving to another country. or doing this. but these aren’t that radical of ideas. why do you think people retire to mexico (current situation with drug cartels aside)? it’s because things move slower. shit doesn’t have to get ‘done’. because the $ isn’t as important. have you ever been to jamaica? anywhere in the caribbean? why do you think we vacation there? because it’s beautiful. because good weather makes people happy. because ‘chilling out’ is a way of life. because the stock market numbers aren’t announced on the radio EVERY HOUR. that's not NEWS. if that’s what you want - MOVE there. if brian and/or i were to lose our jobs, i would rather change games entirely than struggle in the american minor league of life, constantly waiting for the majors to call you up. life’s too short, so…

IV. we’re going to get a different sink for our bathroom. most overrated product of the decade: pedestal sinks. WHERE DO YOU PUT YOUR STUFF? we’re switching to the godmorgan from ikea – high gloss white, UNLESS you people tell me otherwise. anyone with any experience with ikea plumbing?