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alrighty then

By 1/30/2009

it's onto the weekend.

i found this sideboard/bookcase deal on the street and i'm going to fix him up this weekend with some sanding and paint. i'll show you monday.

i'll also be dog parking, sleeping, watching the wrestler and eating breakfast at the flying biscuit - should you need me.

carry on!

oh, and fyi

By 1/30/2009

my blog is two today =)

sleepy time

By 1/30/2009

i love sleeping. it's my favorite thing to do- hands down. i recently read julie rottenberg's personal essay about sleeping in, and found a kindred soul.
(real simple doesn't have the article up, but kate sums it up just fine)

"In the morning, lying in bed when the alarm goes off, I have no ambitions, no desires, no real reason to live. I am filled with hate and loathing, and the only thing I want is to sleep forever."

yup, pretty much me. EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY MORNING. i keep thinking it will get better as i get older. it doesn't.

image from emmas designblogg

developing a room recipe.

By 1/29/2009
alright, i was very serious when i said i am developing the recipe for a perfect room. my working model looks like this currently:

1 part seagrass/jute/rattan (read natural)
1 part soft and fluffy {subcategory of persian/oriental}
1 part lucite and/or glass
1 part shiny/reflective
1 part white modern {subcategory of paper lamps}
1 part leather
1 part wood

today we're going to cover the wood part. if domino can't lead us to decorating salvation, then by god someone has to.

burlwood. i think you can't go wrong with burlwood. basically, it's a type of fast growing, abnormal growth found on some trees. burlwood grows because the tree has experienced some sort of environmental stress or damage. educate yourself if you're inclined.

did you notice in the post from yesterday how fabulous it looks when paired with a dark wall? that's super glammy and would certainly be a good start to achieving our modern/eclectic/bohemian mess of a look. or, you could go all white on the walls, and throw some burlwood in for major wow-factorness. picture some of these pieces i found on ebay against a dark wall, and working just as well in a white room.

burlwood mirrors are guaranteed to up the ante in any room. both are from wshome and are the price of a kidney. good luck with that.

smaller ticket items that could get the job done:

lazy susans, flatware, serving bowl, and frames

alright, so now you know. as research and development continues, expect updates.

bookcase of the day

By 1/29/2009

from decorno.

more on white painted floors here.

your assignment

By 1/28/2009

tomorrow let's discuss burlwood. i think it's the new lucite.

search within you for your feelings on it and tomorrow we'll have a sit down.

(did you see the office last week when the whole office debated if hilary swank was hot or not? i'd like something lively, like that)

i'm going to need some time folks.

By 1/28/2009

domino is dunzo.

although i was dead tired of rita konig (not her specifically, just the lack of anything that wasn't her), this is VERY sad news.

can i just point out something really quickly?

By 1/28/2009

this mirror.

that's all. you can go back to your business.

bookcase of the day

By 1/27/2009

from AT

today's loveliness.

By 1/27/2009

please go look at gillian's screenprinted leather books, and then come back here and tell me they are not fabulous. i dare you.
do not make me turn this car around.


By 1/27/2009

looking at on ebay

By 1/26/2009


By 1/26/2009

totally not tooting my horn, but megan's instead!

how awesome is this paper she used to mat the print she ordered from me?

it makes me happy on the inside.

snow day

By 1/23/2009

the snow was a success. we had about 4 inches. rowdy romped. brian made fires. i ate snow.

my new obsession

By 1/21/2009

these frames. i think they are where it's at.

i can't stop thinking about them. i've spent the last 4 days with my eyes closed, so many a room has been decorated around them.

schnauzer hope

By 1/21/2009

make your own here!

bookcase of the day

By 1/21/2009

from here

Eye yeye yeye

By 1/16/2009

i'm having PRK surgery on my eyeballs this afternoon. it's a touchup to the LASIK i had about 5 years ago. i hate it. wish me luck. be back when i can see. happy weekending.

beach dreaming when the skies are grey.

By 1/16/2009
it's going to be 9 degrees here tonight, but i'm firmly fixed on summer. less than two months until we turn the clocks forward!

peacock pitcher, elan bikini, papillio birkenstocks, tamarind cove beach shay bag, volcolm beach umbrella, trust fund wallet, classic straw hat, stella mccartney sailboat print dress

alexis, delight in it.

By 1/16/2009

Watch CBS Videos Online

there's help out there

By 1/16/2009

be sure to check out this article from the ny times on food for the new year. tips like this are invaluable to me b/c i'm cooking impaired.

bookcase of the day

By 1/15/2009

from here


By 1/14/2009

is what this foyer is. plus the rest of the house.
{we've previously discussed this fabric, seen it, and there's also my faux bedspread}

my new idea

By 1/14/2009

to make myself some of these so i don't have to second mortgage our house to get some.

fun times

By 1/13/2009

and there's more.

closet solutions

By 1/13/2009
in the january issue of martha, she suggested hanging a towel bar in the closet for scarfs. i tried it, and it's the perfect solution. also, there's that inspiration board i had mentioned.

and in better homes and gardens, they suggested a shadow box with a hinged door for jewelry. another winner!

around the house this weekend.

By 1/12/2009


By 1/12/2009
so here we were before.

then i bought this

and decided this look was my new m.o.

and here we are now.

alrighty then

By 1/09/2009

we're going out to dinner tonight for brian meares' birthday. i'm wearing a fashion scarf.
tomorrow i will bake a coconut cake, buy him a drill and then have mexican food at our house with friends. HOPEFULLY the basement will be 94% done, and we can play wii bowling. i wish you equal success in your weekend endeavors.
until monday, over.


By 1/09/2009
lindsay's hair is looking fierce.

i HATE that i cut off my hair. DO NOT cut your hair off. ever. bad news. the upside is i'm starting over with non-dyed healthy hair. the bad news is i look like a soccer mom who drives an aerostar.

bookcase of the day

By 1/09/2009

from here

happy birthday brian!

By 1/09/2009

brian is 29 today.
he likes summer better than winter. boating rather than driving. meat instead of non-meat, and rock and roll over other kinds of rock; for example: indie


By 1/08/2009

any ideas on where i can find a less expensive {and smaller} version of this rug?

full disclosure

By 1/08/2009
because you deserve it.

this {my pink guest bedroom}

is going to be transformed into this.

here's how i think it will be done:

this is potentially crazy, i know.