Thursday, December 24, 2009

thank you come again

firstly, sorry for the mia. i've been sick. super sick.  brian got it too.  and 3 more of us who had oysters sunday night.

things are improving.  i ate some food today.  that was a plus.  i'm at home, in winston-salem.  i went snooping in my mom's closet and found her present stash.  she hides them in the closet instead of under tree b/c her crazy teenage cats attack them if they're out.

additionally, i disovered the cuteset little blog - apt. 412.  delight with me in her bathroom match display

and her holiday sensabilities

thirdly, merry christmas to all.  and thank you for buying all of my christmas candles and almost all of my ornaments.  that worked out well.


Kay* said...

wow! i'm a fan of your blog so to pop in and see my humble little blog mentioned is so cool! thank you :)

hope you get well soon! have a very merry christmas - hope you're able to enjoy it despite not feeling well.


Kay said...

Ugh, sorry to hear of the sick time.

Wishing you cheer, and the continued ability to eat, as the year winds down.

I Have To Have It said...

I read about that on WRAL the other day! How awful! That sounds completely miserable. Hope you feel better soon.

my favorite and my best said...

dude! sorry about your illness. but i bet you are super skinny right now.


Bromeliad said...

Oh god. Oysters on the reverse. So sorry

southernvitrine said...

So sorry you were sick at Christmas! Yuck. Hope you are feeling better soon!


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