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a bed in review

By 12/15/2009

rowdy has now had ample time to review the dog bed allmodernpet.com sent him, and he is now ready to disclose his opinions.

he chose the harry barker silhouette bed and promptly upon its arrival he started digging in it and wallering in general with an occasional bark.
after the initial inspection period, he climbed right onto the middle of it, and that is where he has stayed when he's at the shop.

he's never had a nice dog bed before b/c at home his sisters pee on his bed. that's the life he leads.

but here at the store, he is gloriously bedded, in organic cotton with a zip off washable cover.

he recommends the bed to all dogs who want to treat themselves to a plush rectangle of dog luxury.

2 paws up.


  1. i love that. mine have never had a fancy bed either. these are so cute!

  2. Cute beds do they sell them outside of the U.S?

  3. He is my favorite outside contributor to your blog! Am glad he is enjoying his 'job.' My mini doxie is enjoying his snuggle/burrow bed.

  4. He's a cutie and I'm glad he likes his new bed. It sounds like he deserves it.

  5. It reminds me of two fab Osbourne and Little wallpapers combined, the Folio and the Puppies in the Park...Tell his sisters that is not very nice to pee in his bed, look how happy he looks with his own little fluffy spot to hisself!

  6. These beds are adorable! Rowdy does look quite at home and comfy!


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