Monday, November 23, 2009

furry festivus

for your consideration, my picks for your 4 leggeders:

catnip filled christmas lights

cat house of faux realness

fleabagbed's makes super sassy cat and dog beds to order

harry barker's new link collar

dog magic: the game

a flying schnauzer shirt

extremely practical pet food bowls

felted catnip mice


annabelle said...

That winged schnauzer t-shirt is hysterical. Harry Barker makes the BEST dog shampoo too, btw.

Love the photos from Saturday's opening! Wish there was a such a place in Missoula....

Same New Story said...

my little kitty cat would LOVE that tree house. he may have all of the leaves ripped off in a matter of minutes. he is a bit mischievous.

we are hoping it is is phase

Kari said...

long time reader, first time commenter. love that you are as crazy about your pup as i am. this post is gold. dont worry i bought his & hers flying bulldog shirts from that same artist for valentines day for my husband & I in honor of our bully. yes, im completely out of control. keep up the good work! :)

my favorite and my best said...

have you bought the schnauzer shirt yet? you know you will.


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