Monday, October 12, 2009

tiny porkers

the newest celebrity pet craze - apparently.
look at those hooves!

here's my tiny porker

(rowdy's registered name with the AKC is Shalimar's Rowdy Whistlepig Meares. His grandmother was Shalimar's Whitney Houston, whose beau was Shalimar's Courvoisier. Lest not forget Uncle Shalimar's Garth Brooks, and his father, Shalimar's Dreamin' of Freedom.)


jen said...

Awe, they're kinda cute!

Nat The Rat said...

Aren't dog names sort of hilarious? I was half tempted to name my dog Peter Pan of the Valley Hotpants. Instead we just named him Peter Pan.

honey living said...

OH. MY. GOD. adorable, all around.

Kaelsma said...

I used to have a dog named Rowdy! He was a cocker spaniel and the name on his papers was "Kaelin's Rowdy DeLight". (Kaelin is my son and DeLight was required by the breeder.)

Hopeless Chest said...

my dog's registered name is Anne Tique. get it?? antique? she goes by Tique.
Rowdy's very cute!

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