Sunday, September 20, 2009


in a fit of trendiness this summer, i bought a romper.

bad move.

nothing has ever looked worse on me. i put it on upstairs just now and looked in the mirror and immediately took it off and thought no one deserves to see me in this.

i imagine they're suited for terribly skinny people.

they are not suited to me.


court. said...

I think Decorno posted something earlier this summer...on paper, it's a great idea. on ME, I look like a slutty toddler.

Did you save the receipt?

L said...

I completely understand! Now you can have something to wear when you do all your painting long as it's comfy for working on projects in!

my favorite and my best said...

is THAT the particular romper? where do the boobs go?

Emily said...

i like the idea of them but i doubt they would look good on me either!

Erin said...

Saw a romper paired with uggs in the Cameron Village HT yesterday. Ugh.

suzanne cabrera said...


Give that romper a new life! Donate it to the new Salvation Army Select store my students are designing:

I'm thinking this store may be right up your alley...should have plenty of good finds!

sbfren said...

I have yet to see ANYONE on whom a romper actually looked reasonable.


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