Tuesday, August 18, 2009




~a of SkanksForNothing said...

Thank you for this "bill" equation. i'm hoping this means my weekend at the beach will not be ruined by wind, rain and clouds. it's my bachelorette party in MB! whoo hoo. John and the gang will be in your neck of the woods... staying at the Blockade. Be Ware. ~abby

my favorite and my best said...

uh oh!! batten down the hatches!

Anonymous said...

Wait, I'm confused. Does this mean that an approaching hurricane makes Brian happy for surfing reasons, but Rowdy will be in desperate need of a barf bag? Just never been real good at math.

Sara@hipE said...

I failed math so this confuses me..lol. Barfing and hurricanes are no good. Surfing can be good as long as you aren't surfing in a hurricane and barfing while you do it. Wait, do I need to use "foil" method to come up with the answer to this equation?


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