Monday, August 24, 2009

bookcase of the day

i love it when good looking bookcases just show up in my inbox.
jennifer sent over her newly organized by color bookcase - soooo many books, it makes me seriously consider some consolidation.


Leslie said...

wow! i've got a lot of books but none with groovy turquoise spines! love it!

Leetid said...


Anonymous said...

But how do you find the books? Do you just remember what color it is?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Nothing screams 'I have no taste or intellectual acumen' like organizing books by color. I guess if you are concerned that owning books might make you seem intelligent and want to fight that perception, this might make sense.

raine turner said...

Personnaly hate this design concept- books are to be read- loved-- sorry pass on this!

Deodand said...

I am also torn by it. How do you find what you're looking for?

It does look extremely tidy, though.

Anonymous said...

i liked the before better.

Anonymous said...

For all the haters, sorry, but you're wrong. I LOVE reading books and have organized mine like this for years. I am a visual person and can always remember the color of the spine. It works best if you take the sleeve off of the hardcover books (that's where those pretty turquoise spines are hiding).

Organizing books by subject does not help me as I primarily have 3 main categories. So sure, it's somewhere in the feminist section, but on which of the 6 shelves would that be exactly?

If you don't like this layout, that's cool, but don't assume it's only for the nonreaders.

Karen said...

Nice work! Looks clean and organized. Nothing screams "I have no taste or intellectual acumen" like those who post comments as such.

Elyse said...

Ooo, so nicely done! I really like the look of colour-coding books...though I wonder how easy it would be to find things that way...=)

Elyse said...

Wow, I just read some of the rude anonymous comments...obviously someone who owns this many books is an avid reader...I think it would be cool to categorize by subject matter, but I don't know how well that would work would be like: cook books, the Middle East, sociology, random fiction, and classics that I'll get to...eventually...=)

Kate Skogen said...

I love it!
My book case is organized by color, too.
I LOVE books... what's wrong with having them look nice & tidy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2, you're an idiot. Nothing screams "I have no taste or intellectual tact" like your lame comments.

Amy said...

I like this but I'm also a visual person and can remember what all of my books look like without a problem (I also only own about half of what she has haha.) I don't get why everyone gets SO. MAD. about this. Whenever Apartment Therapy has a post about this people flip the eff out.

Alison said...

You know, this is why I like the internet. I was feeling a little stroppy, about to post my own comment to the effect that organizing books by colour is incredibly vapid... and then I read the comments by people who are obviously a lot more visual than I am, and for whom a colour-based system really works. A point of view I had never considered. Thank you, it is good to be reminded that sometimes being opinionated and being an a**hole is the same thing. People should organize their things whatever way works best for them.

mypoliticalexile said...

I unapologetically say Yuck. The before is a bookshelf full of beautiful books. The after are books that are being used to be visual interesting. Certainly within in your right, but I find it contrived and trendy (and over). I will not however stand for covering books in paper or turning them around. thats cruel and unusual and someone needs to protect books from banning and decorating abuse:)

Rebecca Grace said...

You know, there are companies out there that sell books by weight or by the foot, specifically to interior designers. You can order by type such as leatherbound, hardcovers, paperbacks, coffee table books, etc., and yes, you can order by COLOR, as in, please send me 5' of red books and 3' of turquoise books.

Initially this kind of thing was done for staging of commercial projects like a model home, show home, or a restaurant designed to look and feel like an old library. But like it or not, there are a lot fewer readers out there now than there used to be, and sadly more and more designers are having to buy books in bulk in order to fill empty bookcases in clients' homes. I think this bothers readers because we want to walk into someone's home and get a sense of who they are from the books on their shelves -- and if the books were purchased randomly, just for looks, there's a certain amount of deceit there, a lack of authenticity.

Obviously this is NOT the case in the "bookcase of the day" featured in this post, where the book lover is rearranging her own books to make them look tidier. I just wanted to comment about what I think is going on under the surface with the commenters who get really upset and offended by "books for looks."

Anonymous said...


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