Tuesday, July 21, 2009

thinking out loud

this ceiling medallion needs to be caulked around the edges.
i hate caulking.

my couch is dying a slow and spotty death.
what am i going to do about this?

choices seemed more black and white at bonnaroo

goodwill find
does anyone else get excited about this other than me?


Erin said...

My couch is dying the same slow, painful, death. I try to cover it with blankets, but come home and Mattie has pushed them off onto the floor.
My pillows are dying as well.

monica said...

I LOVE the color of the (front?) door. What is it??

Haven and Home said...

Such a cute dog!!! My sofa is dying a slow death too.

tara said...

does the caulk have a smell? :)

Emily said...

My cats are slowly killing our couch. I'm just going to let it go and then get it altered (have the barrel arms cut off and then the back cushion snug and new fabric) so I'm "encouraging" it. I have no advice for saving your couch. Sorry.

BUT - that Bonnaroo poster made me laugh out loud. And I <3 that pasta tin.

ilovefini said...

Our couch is dying too! It's the price of living with pets-a price I gladly pay,mind you.Our couch is really sturdy and is down filled,so I am saving to have WASHABLE slipcovers made.

Marianna said...

Lovely tin. I share the same passion.
You have such a great blog, congratulations.

brynalexandra said...

AH! I was thinking on doing the exact same lantern/medallion thing in a clients home... I saw it in an inspiration photo a couple months ago, I wish I remembered where! Cottage Living maybe? Anyway.. love it :)

urbansardines said...

I need a cat-proof couch! Is there such a thing? My couch is officially dead, but I am keeping it til I can afford a new one.

Anonymous said...

I have the exact same canister, except it is round! It was from my Granny and one of my favorites! Great taste!

Jesselyn said...

I also have the round version of that canister, and yeah, it's pretty much awesome.

my favorite and my best said...

1. i have never caulked a day in my life so i can offer you nothing there. it doesn't SEEM like it would be difficult..but..maybe it is?
2. couches are expensive. VERY expensive. at least the good ones are. my CB2 movie sofa is good and relatively inexpensive with clean lines but i HATE the color. it's supposed to be natural but it ends up too yellow for me. i wanted white. or NATURAL. again, i am no help.
3. no. but i would like to be if i could bury my face in a bowl of vanilla under a blanket of chocolate.
4. it IS cute but it does not excite me as much as the prospect of number 3.

Jen said...

I love the pasta holder - we had the same one in less bright colors when I was growing up!

Anonymous said...

Love the hanging lantern!! - did you hang that yourself? If so, how? I think I may need an electrician. My apartment is old and has those ugly boob ceiling lights - must go!

Feisty said...

I saw that sign at Bonnaroo :) Made me laugh then too :)

Good luck with the caulking and the couch thing. I ruined my $20 college couch and then trained my pups not to get on the couch.

Now I don't spend as much time on the couch though.

Lindsay said...

I gave a pasta container to goodwill on the upper west side a few years ago....perhaps it made it way to you!

highglossblue.blogspot said...

I keep a plastic rug pad (u know the thing with the teeth) on my couch, teeth side up. It works great...one dog sleeps on top of it (a schnauzer) and the other has figured out how to slide under and then slide out when I get home. But for a little while, it worked. Sending u a pic.

aileen said...

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Anonymous said...

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