Monday, July 27, 2009

rocky mountain wedding

boulder is wonderful in the summer.chautauqua-park-boulder-col256

john and alexis got married at chatauqua park, at the foot of flatirons. it was gorgeous. and so much fun.

the wedding band was great american taxi (with vince herman from leftover salmon!)

our bridesmaids gifts were custom books from blurb. perfect.

alexis was beautiful and tiny.

feathers were spotted in hair

poison ivy was hidden


Anonymous said...

do you happen to know if her dress was by melissa sweet? it's beautiful! loving the vintage lace style

annabelle said...

Fun! We're using Blurb for our wedding album. just have to take the plunge and hit "puchase" at some point.

Mic said...

Can you show more of that book she gave you for the gift? I love the cover, its so cute!

Haven and Home said...

Looks like a great time. I love(d) Leftover Salmon, brings me back to college days!

Leslie said...

wedding looks like so much fun and digging the featurs! also, back to the post about magazines. totally agree. went to borders and found nothing! thought it was me getting old and cranky. we need more people like YOU editing magazines, jamie!

Sara said...

Maybe I am going to sound silly, but what is "blurb"? My best friend is getting married and I'd like to look into this!! Thank you!

jen said...

love all of it!!!! i want to see your blurb book!

down pillow said...

Can you post a link for "blurb"? Or some more info anyhow. Thanks!


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