Tuesday, July 21, 2009

accent tables

everyone seems to be needing accent tables. often overlooked, but delightful if you have the right one.

here are a few i'm suggesting.
crate and barrel, target, pier 1

crate and barrel, jayson home & garden, ws home

and please remember to consider this $199 ottoman from JCP


Kristin said...

i just inherited 3 mid-century leather top tables. how would you suggest re-doing the leather top? there are a few water marks and i don;t love-love the border.

Caitlin said...

I have a weakness for end tables. I was just looking at those Crate and Barrel round top tables this morning and thinking they could make darling night tables with sconces above.

kaleidoscope said...

holy moly that's a gorgeous ottoman, at any price! JCP??? who knew?! i think i'm in love.

urbansardines said...

Of course, my favorite side table is the $595 one :-)
I love the JCP ottoman, though, great find!!!

Lovely Little Nest said...

ooh ooh ooh I love the last one from Penney's!

Anonymous said...

Catalog furniture like this ALWAYS photographs better than it looks in real life.

You have to go to the store and visit it before you decide.

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