Thursday, June 25, 2009


did you spot the ebay kilim in morgan's sneak peak on designsponge?

her house has a whole slew of yeses about it.

i particularly like that brownish lamp sitting on the chest of drawers - know anything about it?


lucitebox said...

I did and it left me feeling like I live in an ugly old shack filled with a bunch of crap.

I love this woman's place too, too much! Isn't it lovely?

julia wheeler said...

i love it all! except for that painting... slightly creepy and reminiscent of the girl from exorcist. i hope it's not her grandma or something that i just offended...



I just got another fab ebay kilim that I'm waiting for patiently.

I got the lamp at Amsterdam Modern in LA ( for $25! What what.

That painting is my fav - I got it at a church thrift sale for $3...I call it my ghetto Rob Thom.


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