Thursday, June 18, 2009

i am very tired today

so this is my maximum effort for now.

i few things, in no particular order:



High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh I would love some of that cupcake or whatever that delicious treat is in the last pic. Yummy. I'm so feeling ya on being tired. It's a gross, rainy day here in NY and it so doesn't help any!

sierra said...

ah that dress is fab!

hollylynn said...

i want to eat that cake including all the frosting. even the rose, which everyone knows doesn't even taste good.

Caroline said...

SO want the cake too! That is funny- hollylynn put it best about the rose. What is it with that cakey frosting? Blah. But yet, it always sounds so gooood. LOL. Hey- I am a mom and am tired all the time. Gotta say that I love Topricin foot cream. In fact, I just put it on a few minutes ago because my feet always ache. Maybe that will make ya feel better :) Or take a hot bath with a glass of Merlot! Cute blog, thanks! Smilinggreenmom *tweet me!!

sbfren said...

But the cat tray - how perfect!


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