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if i wanted to make mood boards, i would have been a psychiatrist

By 5/28/2009

my first big girl decorating project = liz's new apartment. we're starting with the bedroom.

here's the long and short of it...


we're liking her west elm duvet, in clay and the anthro spiral vine shams.

we're going to switch up the furniture placement like so

i shall sprinkle fairy dust generously, resulting in light gray (with a touch of purple) walls, a new zig zaggy runner for beside the bed, a floor lamp for the corner to go beside her chair, a dresser snagged on craigslist for $20 with a new coat of white paint, some fancy knobs and her orange lamp on it, a framed print liz has, a bohomenian modern traveler delight area with her desk and a mirror hanging over it. we'll keep her beside table and lamp, and add a floor lamp to the other side, and we'll curtain it up with anthro's canopy curtain. add some glass poof balls and a little asparagus fern action, pretty things up with some prints and little bits that liz has and holler back, we're done!

bring out the guacamole, i've done it again!

if you'd like me to eat your guacamole and delight up your rooms, email me. i'm as wide open as a dixie chick.


  1. I'm loving how you're handling the theme of no J O B in your last many posts. Good stuff.

  2. wow, nice job. i love your picks : )

  3. How exciting! I can't wait to see the "after" photo!!

  4. i'm so excited for you and can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. I like it, but a floor lamp next to a bed?

    Not convinced.

    You always need some kind of table or surface on each side of a bed, for alarm clocks and books, and a place to park your glasses. And ashtray. And lube. I didn't just say that.

  6. Will you take email requests with pictures? My bedroom needs HELP.

  7. two things:

    she lives alone, and she's got a nightstand on one side, and not much room on the other: hence the floorlamp.

    i would love to help via email. i'm charging $50 per hour for consultations. if you're interested, you can email me at jamie.meares @ gmail.com