Tuesday, May 19, 2009

horizontal, your mom

nick, take that for stumpy.

notable things:
topiary inside - is that thing alive?
gorgeous molding
possible brass lamp. we've discussed - remember?
i'd give my first born for the couch. i would not have my first born on it, however


Two Tall Girls said...

I'll take couch and the mirror but the lamp next to that topiary, not so much.

Zakary said...

Topiary indoors: FAIL Brass Lamp: HELLZ YES

I tried to give birth to my daughter out on a very ugly brown sofa. I ended having emergency transport to the hospital. I blame the ugly sofa. And I sold it to a friend for $50.

Moral of the story: Homebirths are probably more successful with attractive home decor.

Simone said...

That couch is wonderful..I might have to throw in the dog and man too..lol

Michele Renee said...

You could birth on that. Just put down a shower curtain and then a sheet. Plus you'd have a Chux pad. I picked the regular ol bed though. :)

Melissa H said...

LOVE That. See the way those non-matching pillow still somehow match and look fabulous? I could never pull that off.

Anonymous said...

Too many pillows, esp. when you have fabric you want to show off.

Nick said...

Jamie my doll, that mirror is practically square and so humongoid it fills the panel. I could never hate! But ikat prints ... t-minus ten minutes and the claws come out!! Living for the shape though (see #4):

Leah said...

How can you not love an ikat print?! I don't think it will ever happen to me... Thanks for the pic! Enjoy your blog.

Melissa H said...

ikat reminds me of 1980s parachute pants.


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