Tuesday, April 28, 2009

looking at on ebay - now with links!

gilt letter holder, ceramic horse, vintage globe, missoni pillow, ram table base, tufted velvet pillow, kellogg's stand, convex federal mirror, zig zag duvet, bus station roller sign, vintage terrarium, embroidered mexican dress, old apothecary jars, vintage monogrammed linen pillowcases, outdoor bar


Anonymous said...

I want to be best friends with the outdoor table. It's just that simple.

i suwannee said...

approach it and engage it subtlely. it will be yours.

lucitebox said...

Love the outdoor bar!

bene said...

Yay Links! You so absolutely rock for that.

Jennifer said...

hooray for links!

Rebecca said...

All my prayers are answered! Thanks for the links :)

bltd said...

hurray for links. thanks for that.

Amy said...

Great finds - and thanks for the links! I am always so overwhelmed on ebay that I just give up!

Sarah (Matters of Style) said...

Love the letter holder and Missoni pillow!

wiyomu said...

another yay for the links! :)

Laura said...

I *heart* that dress.

Heather said...

Yaayyyy! links!!!! i always love your ebay picks and now i love them even more!

Anonymous said...

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