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ikat. i can.

By 4/21/2009

supposing i didn't have enough ikat in my life, i bought these silk pillow cases on ebay last week for our bed.

i'm hoping they make us happy for a lifetime. we'll see when they get here...


  1. I love the pillows!! Is the trim a different color..great looking. I'm looking at some pillows like these do you remember if the seller was uzcraft777

  2. love them.
    i bought myself an ikat dress last night.
    then i worried about it.
    (tags havent come off yet)
    a pregnant person in ikat might not be a good idea.
    a person (not pregnant) might not be a good idea in ikat either.
    i couldn't resist.

    glad i'm not the only one still struggling with letting go of the ikat.

  3. I love those. And love Erika's comment! Ikat is good everywhere. So there.

  4. I love ikat, and these are gorgeous. Great find!

  5. Oh, lovely pillow case there.


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