Friday, February 13, 2009

da na, da na, da na na na na na na

i'm trying not to buy into it, but my friday the 13th is going poorly.

i'd rather be back here, and not start over. just pass.

and no, that's not my bedroom. i think it's from an AT house tour? (*update - found it here).
my bedroom is covered with things we haven't unpacked yet from colorado. the window is duct taped, and prowler threw up on the carpet this morning. other than that = close.

and npr, you've met your goal. $ is raised = end godforsaken fund drive. if i have to hear banter between middle-aged white people any longer, i'll stroke out.


Shelby said...

And yet i didn't win the trip to Paris. I thought for sure this was my year!

Becky said...

I was hoping for that answering machine message recorded by Carl Castle!

And when I first read this post, I thought you said "a prowler" threw up on the carpet. And I was like, yikes. Scary enough just to have a prowler. Even before the vomit.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, the NPR pledge drive is getting on my nerves. I would like my bedroom to look like that.

Marie-Eve said...

Your bedroom doesn't seem very charming... Also is mine: it winds inside because the window is too old, they is a beggining of mold, and there's too many things in a too small space. But i'm moving for good in two weeks, yay!!!

my favorite and my best said...

duct taped. yes? not duck taped?

i suwannee said...

depending on the day, maybe.


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