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By 2/25/2009

they picked! what a lucky dog he will be =)


  1. I can't believe she doesn't like the name Frank for their dog!

    I will try not to take offense and be sure not to let my Frank know her dislike of his name!
    aww poor frankie!

  2. I wonder if they got it from a shelter. The article doesn't seem to mention where they found him.

  3. LOVE Michelle, but I gotta take the girls' side on the dog names. Frank and Moose kick ass!

  4. I'm quite disapointed with president Obama. He's not a man of his word.

    In October, he bashes McCain's proposal to cut Medicare funds, and quite rightly so (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWFmE4CyJHo), saying peole will lack basic health care because of the measure, and then after being elected on this basis, goes ahead and cuts 30 bilion a year off Medicare!

    An now, the same goes for his dog... It would be a mutt, saved from a shelter or the streets, and now it's all over the portuguese press that's going to be this dog given by a woman in Olhão, in the Algarve.

    He just seems to have a lot of political ambition, but unfortunately, not many ideals.