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the duchess

By 2/02/2009

no, not fergie - the other duchess.

we rented the duchess this weekend, and while brian went to bed halfway through b/c there were no boobs, i LOVED it.

i tend to love anything set in 'old school' england. or france. the hair, the clothes, the parties, the decadence...

keira is amazing. she's born to play sultry and witty english women.

speaking of hair, check this out.


  1. yeah, so i watched that whole video with my mouth open in awe. the patience...

    also, i love the new icon that you have in the address bar! woo hoo.

  2. my girlfriends and i went to see this in the theater. we snuck in chocolates and champagne. best ladydate ever. sofia has such an amazing style- the costumes, set, music- and Keira- were awesome.

  3. So did I! I loved it too, their costumes are fantastic, especially her big hat with the blue feather

  4. I watched it too and balled my eyes out! Such an amazing movie.