Monday, February 16, 2009

affordable art

i can’t say enough good things about (and no, they’re not paying me too – although I’d gladly let them).

they have such reasonable framing prices – waaaay better than michael’s or acmoore who i am lifetime boycotting for their never ending ‘50% off sales’ – , and you can usually get free shipping with a coupon code

here are my picks, if I hadn’t already picked:


Arlynn said...

What great selections, I love the eclectic mix of everything! I find myself choosing similar pieces when looking at art - first I'll find a sweet botanica, then I'm looking at absrtacts & figurative pieces : ) Oh well, mixing & matching really keeps everything interesting!

Happy Pres Day,


Jessica F said...

Can you share who /what each of these are? Love your picks!

Elizabeth said...

Michael's is on my List. The framing guy and I had words on Sunday when he insisted that my mat must have a 2 inch border.

I love the last 2 pieces of art.

Anonymous said...

What's the one in the second row on the left? I like it!

i suwannee said...

here's my best shot at remembering.

try searching constellation for the last two. and for the first one.

second row, first one:

second row, second one:

drawings are picasso and matisse



jenny said...

hooray! i happen to work at and i love your blog.


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