Friday, January 30, 2009

sleepy time

i love sleeping. it's my favorite thing to do- hands down. i recently read julie rottenberg's personal essay about sleeping in, and found a kindred soul.
(real simple doesn't have the article up, but kate sums it up just fine)

"In the morning, lying in bed when the alarm goes off, I have no ambitions, no desires, no real reason to live. I am filled with hate and loathing, and the only thing I want is to sleep forever."

yup, pretty much me. EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY MORNING. i keep thinking it will get better as i get older. it doesn't.

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Erin said...

This morning as I got out of bed (at 8:30--a full half hour late) I yelled a spirited "I object!" directed at the universe. I object to being forced to get up before I'm ready to. Every. Single. Day.

i suwannee said...


i agree. and likewise, object. to all of it.

~a of SkanksForNothing said...

hello jamie!
i read the article and it really made me feel a little be better about myself. i am 30-40 minutes late everyday for work and would sleep til 11:30 every saturday/sunday if I could.

Petunia Face said...

Oh I am so with you. Right this very minute I am resisting the siren call of my cozy warm bed. Ahhhhh!

Courtney said...

i feel you. all of you. i fight unconsciousness all day long with an IV-esque stream of caffeinated beverages. it's not my fault. i was born this way.

Kimberly Julie said...

the *only* thing that can make me smile and actually want to wake up in the morning is the sight of my doggie army-crawling up to see me and then licking my face. she seems so happy just to be alive... its contagious. (on mornings that she is tired and doesn't want to get up however, i could sleep forever. seriously.)

Greeneyes said...

Thank you, thank you for putting it into words & letting me know I'm not alone in my low opinion of early rising.

That one-eyed loathing glare directed at the alarm clock, the hateful sensation of peeling off the nice warm covers, the objectionable action of pulling out of my hubby's warm sleepy snuggle... Gaaahhh. So not a morning girl.

Kate McNeil said...

thanks for the link! i LOVED this article so much. love your blog too.

Jennifer said...

I could not POSSIBLY agree more! I refer to my bed as my cloud, and I never want to get out of it. And why, oh why, did they force us to have nap time in kindergarten when we hated it?? Now I would give anything for a daily nap time!!

sonrie said...

oh my goodness...I take the alarm as a 'suggestion' and often disregard it...good thing it set it for 45 minutes before i actually have to get up.


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