Wednesday, January 28, 2009

can i just point out something really quickly?

this mirror.

that's all. you can go back to your business.


Diva Style said...

Really now?...I feel like if I looked in that I would see the wicked queen in Snow White, lol.

pigeon.toed said...

whenever i stop by anthropologie (it's pretty often since i work across the street from it) i always stop and admire it and then try to get over sticker shock :)

Tbyrd said...

...which also matches this lovely jewelry stand from Urban Outfitters. I own it and ADORE it.

Elizabeth said...

I have this! I love it!

I purchased it at a funky little gift shop in Spokane, WA... the cute clerk-boy flirted with me, and I shamelessly asked for a discount. $60, woo-hoo!


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