Friday, August 29, 2008

bon weekend!

alright, its that time again. i'm headed to the beach for a luxurious long weekend.

and we'll ease up on the dog posts once we get one of our very own. capiche? anyways, dogs on boats are always 3 points.

delight in it

another installment in our series 'people who don't sit behind a computer all day'

be sure to check out the rolling in background action around 3:05

Thursday, August 28, 2008

beside me at a stoplight...

bookcase of the day

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since about 10th grade, i've been wearing the same perfume: white musk from the body shop. its really powerful {if you know what i'm saying} - almost too much for everyday wear.

i sometimes throw in some coco or no. 5, but they're also pretty strong.

then there's my ananas imperial stick - but it can be greasy {though its my favorite smell}

so let's get to the point. i'm thinking of adding donna karan's cashmere mist into the rotation. {yup, that was the point}.

i always sniff perfume samples in magazines and i'm never struck with anything, but cashmere mist spoke to me! it said you can wear me everyday and not smell like a hooker or want to barf before you've had breakfast!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


sending flair on facebook is SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME.

some very important news in the schnauzer arena

i'm pleased to report that we are on a list to *possibly* get a schnauzer from a litter being born in two weeks.

its very important that every one of you keeps your fingers crossed, because if this doesn't work out, we'll all know who's to blame.

i went ahead and ordered a schnauzer cookie cutter so if we get approved, i can start right up with a celebratory batch

look at all the dog choices!

i want all of these to come and live with me

karate chhhhop!

especially him, just look how fat he is!

get them here

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


this purple paint is yummy, don't you think? and it looks great with the wood bed.

we have a bed like this, and i'm never quite sure what goes on the wall above the pillows. i like this take on it - a tiny framed picture.
check out more at designsponge's sneak peak

Monday, August 25, 2008

bookcase of the day

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zucchini pistachio cupcakes

its a recipe from the beast, but it looks intriguing.
what do you think - should i try it?

lesson of the weekend

let a sleeping dog lie,

or he'll head straight to the real estate section and look for new digs.

happy birthday yoush!

celebrate your bornfullness!

Friday, August 22, 2008

tyra for first lady?

over and out.

we're off to the beach for the weekend. the waves are supposed to be of a respectable size (for wrightsville) because of faye, so brian and cal are going to surf whilst i read to find out why britney is glowing on the cover of in touch.

buenos noches, etc.

looking at on ebay

ebay ebayebay

Thursday, August 21, 2008

like its my job

wonder no more what it is i do with myself to make a living.

i work at a tiny screenprinting shop in durham. we print t-shirts, posters, and other whathaveyous.

these books are a constant source of inspiration for t-shirt designs and colors. we have three: 100%, 200% and 300% cotton. all major eye candy for design people.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

smoking hot hotness.

at my house, we're always on the quest for something even hotter {spicy!}.

i think we've killed our taste buds on this quest, so its necessary to keep finding new things to try.

the best hot sauce i've come across is the habanero sauce you can get on the side at cosmic cantina (in chapel hill, durham and new york only - so sorry if you're not in one of these places for you're missing out). they make it themselves, and don't sell it.

what's the hottest {spicy!} sauce or condiment you've come across? i'm willing to try anything!

{picture from tower 7 at wrightsville beach}

alex, put the can of tuna down and listen up.

my good friend alex is decorating a gorgeous new home, and she's considering a knappa pendant light from ikea. (i know its not the one in the photo - we're on a budget!)

does anyone have any experience with it? does it put out lots of light? how do you feel about hanging 3 together?

the curious incident of the new pottery barn catalog

they've added a whole slew of hollywood regency stuff!

love love love this mirror.

what do you think of the room its in? i'm torn. love the gray walls, but the bedding seems a little delias-esque matchy matchy. but the turquoise is a lovely color.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


outside the pink mink in winston salem.
i got up at 6:30 this morning to go to yardsales. i feel as crazy as that sounds.
i did, however, find a tiny shopping cart and a dresser for the beach, so we're all set on those fronts.

Friday, August 15, 2008

loves it

it's robert!

have you seen this ikea commercial? remember robert muraine?

he's so yummy. i would set up house with him, any day.

i found the ikea video from the most awesomest stuff ever.

also check him out on ellen, and the final dance off from SYTYCD

bookcase of the day

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Thursday, August 14, 2008


we're setting up a little retail section in our office for the upcoming fall semester. we've spent all week getting it ready. there's more merchandise coming in, but here's where we are so far. fresh sweatshirts have a good smell =)

we printed custom hang tags today for pricing. here's the film to burn onto the screen

and the finished product! i think they turned out pretty good looking!

a few things

my latest obsession: nautical flags. these are on ebay.

this chair looks insanely comfortable. i want it. christmas! oh wait, anniversary is sooner!

have you seen the new misprint collection at vivaterra?
i like the looks of this magazine holder.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


my good friend john powers {remember from spring vacay?} has a sister who's in a band called the bowerbirds.

he emailed me their new video yesterday. you should watch it.
its lovely and haunting and lovely some more.

dog furniture?

today i was browsing on for dog beds... you know, just wanted to see what's out there -- not because i'm obsessed with getting a dog... and have you ever in all your life seen such for a dog to sleep on?:

the watermelon might be more up our alley

bookcase of the day

yes, another pile. this time -used to prop up a desk!

from here

Monday, August 11, 2008

sale alert

practically all of jcrew's summer things are on sale. i picked up a few delights for next to nothing.

these in poppy for $14.99

and this in aqua for $40!

basement of horror

so about that basement i've been talking about forever. we've laid down backerboard and put thinset on all the seams. the tile guy is coming this week to set and grout the slate tile we've picked out.

here's what we found last night:

we're going to put beadboard up on the walls, below the trim, and wallpaper the top with grasscloth.

and that will be all well and good, but then what do you do with a room with two columns in the middle of it?

its a rectangle room, with windows on each of the short sides. there are french doors and a big window on one long side, and a door to the unfinished basement part on the other long side.
what, pray tell, do we do with this? we'd like to have a couch, a TV, a drum set, a book shelf, a nintendo wii (someone needs to get me one first) and a dog down here.

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