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hair - take two

By 7/31/2008
we've considered this hair cut for me. now let's look at this one:

thoughts? managability?

when in doubt...

By 7/31/2008
make fish tacos.

this article in domino made my old standby look much classier. the avocado cream is interesting...and the watermelon margs! yes please.
ladies, as soon as the mother-effing basement is done, we're doing this. t-minus 2 -3 weeks?

robeks juice

By 7/31/2008

robeks juice just opened at the mall in raleigh, and man - their smoothies are delish. i'd never really been a smoothie person before i did the cleanse, but now i know what i was missing.

i had an awesome açai, which has açai berry juice, apple juice, bananas, raspberry sherbert, and yogurt made from soy milk, and they added in some soy protein. it was heavenly.

they also have açai berry sherbert. yum. check out the menu here.


By 7/31/2008

when you don't have a dog of your own, you have to get dog time in anyway possible. ask anyone who's been around me for an extended amount of time, and they'll have heard me say, MAN I WISH WE COULD JUST RENT A DOG TODAY.

it appears you can. i had no idea.

sounds like its making the puppies unhappy and that's not a good thing. i'll continue to borrow i guess.

oh yum

By 7/30/2008
how lovely is this bedroom?
white walls always win.
from here

eye candy

By 7/29/2008

from living etc.

shadow boxes

By 7/29/2008
when i was little, i remember my mom and my aunt having huge shadow boxes full of miniatures.

somewhere between then and now, shadow boxes went out of vogue, but i think they're making a comeback.

i picked up a smallish one at the flea market last weekend, and i'm starting to think about goodies to fill it with. this picture from designsponge's sneak peak of elana iaciofano's home inspires me to get on it.

jordan had another great use for a shadow box - an advent calendar! a few more below... and i included a few in my latest ebay gazing display!

two things

By 7/28/2008
1 - an ostrich key fob from kate spade. grrr. what sound does an ostrich make?

2 -

we have lots of fruits and veggies now, but fall's around the corner, so maybe think about freezing delicious blueberries to have later on. martha has a template for these labels here.

so fresh and so clean clean

By 7/28/2008

today's my last day. i cleansed. i cut out meat, dairy, sugar, caffiene, alchohol** and gluten* for 21 days.

it was remarkably not that hard. and i say this as i sit one block from whole foods. i probably would not have had such an easy time had it not been for lunch and dinner there...a lot.

the rumors that you'll fall over and die by day 3 are completely ridiculous. this was not starvation. it wasn't even really dieting, per say. i'd felt more limited on previous low carb diets.

for me, the cleanse was about becoming more aware of the food i am eating - the ingredients, where and how it was made, the cost, and the nutritional value.

so if you're curious, and you've been looking for a way to kickstart a change in your life in regard to the food you're eating - i suggest a 21 day cleanse.
at the very least, habits are formed in about 7 days, so if you can go 21 eating whole, healthy, natural foods, some of those habits will stick with you once the three weeks are up.

i'm going to stick with no meat for a while, and i'm cutting down a lot on dairy, but not entirely.

*i did not cut out gluten entirely, but did cut out processed food.
** i cheated twice - wine once and izze w/ vodka once.

bookcase of the day

By 7/28/2008

hello fall

By 7/25/2008
i am not ready for you quite yet, but i will keep these ideas from jcrew on file so that i am fully prepared when you arrive.

looking at on ebay...

By 7/24/2008
ebayebay ebayebayebay

katee and twitch

By 7/24/2008

loved this - with the door! hotness.

i feel like this encompasses me as a drunk freshman in college.

vegas or bust

By 7/23/2008

Las Vegas Club, originally uploaded by Lost America.

does anyone have any tips on how to do vegas for cheap on new years?
vegas / new years / cheap = oxymoron, yes i know.

but we'd like to try!

west elm

By 7/23/2008
west elm has lots of new stuff in.
i'm particularly fond of this butler tray.

also these
this bunny
and this

they don't sit in front of a computer all day

By 7/23/2008

let's focus on people who don't sit in front of a computer all day.

laird hamilton and gabrielle reece. how smoking hot are they?
he's a super big wave surfer, and she was a pro volleyball player.
they live in maui and malibu.
must be tough.

sycamore street press

By 7/23/2008
some really lovely things from sycamore street press

discovered via a little sussy

i have many leather bound books.

By 7/22/2008

i found this book at barnes and noble on clearance for $14 last night. yes, i bought it partially because its extremely good looking. but i also haven't read everything in it, so i'm starting at the beginning, with sense and sensibility.

bookcase of the day

By 7/22/2008

love it.
from here
they also have a swing in their bedroom - how delightful.


By 7/22/2008
whole foods always has the best artwork on their blackboards. you can see tons of them in their flickr stream.

double the good luck

By 7/21/2008

oh! i almost forgot to show you -- check it out! {brian was} driving down 40 on friday evening. [and i was photographing} two rainbows!


By 7/21/2008
looking at suzanne's drawings makes me really really happy. i would love to be able to draw this well. i'm glad to see she's using her powers for good.

monday ick

By 7/21/2008

we went to the beach this weekend, and were suprised with sneaky tropical storm christobel! it rained sideways = loved it.

i cut drops out of magazines {see finished project} and googled pictures of dogs on my iphone. brian surfed and tempted me with chicken products which i declined.

did you do anything exciting this weekend?