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By 6/30/2008

how's the swap going? are you sending? are you recieving? are you taking pictures? do tell!

happy video

By 6/30/2008

i love ... bear grylls.

found here

big plans?

By 6/30/2008
are you throwing a 4th of july soiree? we'll be at the beach, and the plan is to fry whatever we can find - in the big turkey fryer.

if forced to have a party of my own, i think these would make for the best case scenario:

design star blahs

By 6/30/2008

this season is horribly boring. and the judges seem to think so too. every week they tell the designers to take it up a notch, but they can't seem to pull anything together.

these were the best rooms from last night.

they had the daunting yet i would think so exciting challenge of a big white room to decorate.

i really like what jennifer did with the yellow walls and the blue furniture, but the little shelf back there would have best been left out all together, along with the icky coffee table - don't you think?

and the other room -- i dunno. the judges seemed to like it. its supposed to be a beach side cabana in mexico at night. obviously.

live from ... the lake

By 6/30/2008
these aren't so much live, but they are from lake hyco this weekend

geese spotting

whiteness like this must be carefully cultivated - mostly with SPF 70

hot pig in the city

By 6/27/2008

happy weekending young people.

we're going to the lake.

take it sleazy

would you romp in this?

By 6/27/2008

it has it's positives and negatives.

the camel toe isn't helping.
its here, if you feel inspired.

bookcase of the day

By 6/27/2008

from flickr user elizalou

pearl river stools

By 6/27/2008

pearl river has some really cute stools for only $19 each.

what could you do with a bunch of these?

vole prevention unit = dispatched.

By 6/27/2008

per our previous discussion on voles:

this may be next step for front yard.

the voles are freaking out lately. they've tunneled across the entire yard, and everyday i get home from work-- go stomp the ground back down, and then BAM, next morning, tunnel city again.

they're killing all the grass, and little pieces of me - quickly and slowly, respectively.

so. squares of concrete. must be considered.

eye candy

By 6/26/2008

from living etc.


By 6/26/2008

so i just finished quantam wellness - by kathy freston. yes she's a rich hooker and has all the means in the world to live upside down with a pineapple on her head if she wants to - but...

i've decided to do a 21 day cleanse.

yes, oprah just did it too. what can i say - that's how we roll. but i didn't get the book because i saw her her oprah. i got it because i saw her on ellen, so there.
(as i'm writing this, i discovered dooce is doing it too - how en vogue of me!)
*update - she quit today*

the cleanse consists of cutting out
-animal products

for 21 days.

i'm going to do this because i want to see if i can. and i want to see how it makes me feel. and i want some other stuff out of life too, but we don't need to go into all that.
and if i write about it here- i'll be held accountable, and be more apt to actually do it.

here's the thing - who wants to do it with me? if we do it together, we can bitch about it, share what's working, etc. BFF forever, pretty much. we can get the split locket necklaces and everything.

here's some more info on it - read up.

then let's do it. i'll make us t-shirts.
i plan to start AFTER july 4th =)

By 6/26/2008

i'm going to incorporate this word into my vocabulary.

i think it has good style.


have you seen my baseball

By 6/26/2008
or any of these assorted lovelies?

laminated roller shade from dwell studio


yum -from ebay

print from the poster list

bookcase of the day

By 6/26/2008

from here

she's dating who?!

By 6/25/2008

anna sent out some pictures of leah today, and i thought this one of adam and leah was hilarious.

bird is the word

By 6/25/2008


By 6/25/2008
the ladies bird watching, and a family of tiny giraffes spotted on shelf no. 2

By 6/24/2008

how freaking cute is this girl, and her little outfits?

it's the spring '08 kids collection from 3.1 phillip lim

found here

bookcase of the day

By 6/24/2008

we must count it - they are books.

from here

coming back...

By 6/23/2008

some very good news for us last week

beach snapshots

By 6/23/2008

yes i cropped out my thigh, because i can.

By 6/23/2008

welcome to this week.

i'm scared to look at the stock market this morning.

how are you?

design star ...and it's crap again.

By 6/23/2008
another poor showing last night, i thought.

here's the thing: when you have 24 hours to design a room, SKIP PAINTING IT, especially when it already has AMAZING old wallpaper in it.
they may be required to paint - i'm not sure - but it seems to me that if you have limited time, go with what's on the walls already. you can make any color work.

2nd - put SOMEthing on the walls. buy some prints! frame them! the designers seem to be forgetting the fact that their work is judged from a video of the space, not in person. obviously, you've got to go big to be seen.

which brings us to 3 - LAY OFF the horrible tiny accessories, like the pillar candles (would you put those out in your own home?), the line of votives, the cheap vases, the awful picture frames. these have nothing but a negative effect on the overall impression of the room. again, go BIG or forget it.

we've been over 4 already - original paintings = NO. and the re purposing they did of the yardsale items = AWFUL. why, pray tell, did no one pick up that huge skull and hang it over the mantel in one of those lovely wallpapered rooms? can you imagine - it would have been wonderful, and taken no time at all.

its settled, i'm trying out if there's a season 4.




By 6/20/2008

check it out! designsponge has a sneak peak today of jenny's house and there's my shelving unit from pier one!


By 6/20/2008

flower 005, originally uploaded by yein~.

today is the longest day of the year!

enjoy your sunlight - i'm aiming for fish tacos and margs at wrightsville!


By 6/20/2008
i'm a sucker for crazy loud prints. here are a few of my of-the-moment faves:

bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam and BAM.