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oscar's bedroom

By 5/30/2008

oh yes, i think so.

looking at on ebay...

By 5/29/2008

particularly this store

jenna bush?

By 5/29/2008

i don't have anything terribly insightful to add to this, but yesterday i was sick and i watched jenna bush on ellen.

she's so weird. isn't her voice odd? would i like her? i can't tell.

and do you think her and mama have a little prep backstage before they go out:

"sweety, remember, ellen is a lesbian. so if she talks about that just smile real big and wait for her to move on".

i like how ellen asks if she and portia can get married at the ranch. jenna's like, yeah! ...wait, mama, i shouldn't have said that, right?

have you tried this?

By 5/29/2008

put in your address (if you own your home) and see what it's value is, what the projected 5 and 10 year values are, and lots more interesting info.

bookcase of the day

By 5/29/2008

greetings. i missed you yesterday.

look at this funny email from my SPAM box:

From: Lou Stephenson [mailto:sqjawv@bpergo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 1:03 PM
Subject: Re: hi openair Man

Summer is here. Fit your body.
Go open air! Meet your woman!


while we're on the topic of domino bedrooms

By 5/27/2008

i could set up shop here. eat, sleep, read, have people come and interview me about my fabulous bed and how i live in it. everything. in this bed.

i imagine i could start with this bedding
and the curtains around the bed could be similar to these, but i'd need to get that red stripe on them.

sail away.

By 5/27/2008
remember this lovely bedroom from domino? wasn't it in john frieda's lake house? maybe?

anyway, now you too can paint everything whtie and hang a sail over the bed.

voila. a sail on sale.

it does look quite nice.

so small, yet so curious.

By 5/27/2008
i love these little stuffed curiousities from lyndie dourthe

ponder this over the weekend

By 5/23/2008

and then get back to me on tuesday.

By 5/23/2008

we're out!

SYTYCD Robert Muraine

By 5/23/2008

um, amazing.

cute! and cheap! summer dresses

By 5/22/2008

bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam and bam!

bookcase of the day

By 5/22/2008

my birthday - a pictorial.

By 5/21/2008
the cake of assorted dogs is presented.

the real dog examines for authenticity

the small white dog stands alone

real dog jumps

real dog kayaks

daisies outside

daisies inside

warm and fuzzy and now both 28

an outdoor update

By 5/20/2008
i know that everyone's had outdoors on the mind - us too.

i'm not really sure where to start at our house.
our backyard is a behemoth. brian has been expanding our deck and is finishing up this week.

i tried to make a dent in the landscaping by putting some rocks around this tree and planting some wildflowers.
other than that, i'm clueless. what do we do with this mess? everytime i pull up a weed it takes about 2394 units of energy, and the weed has a root about 23 feet long.

in good news, the zinnias are this tall

and i planted some new containers last week

looking at on ebay...

By 5/19/2008

someone please buy that peacock rug.

bookcase of the day

By 5/19/2008

from AT

jcrew summer sale

By 5/19/2008

i've had my eye on this since i saw a girl in it at harris teeter and shrieked at her {in response to cuteness of skirt}

good style, gywneth.

By 5/19/2008

i do this with my hair frequently, but i don't imagine i come out looking like this.

its that little PUMPF! behind the head band that's hard to maintain.

By 5/16/2008

tiny happy moments.

By 5/16/2008
i want to share with you my tiny happy moment this morning.

i stopped by the post office, and had to walk a ways down the sidewalk, when i happened to find myself behind a CORGI! - the most proudest good styling happiest dog around. i have this thing for corgis - i love them. they're like tiny little dog torpedos of goodness, with such proud ears.

anyways, behind a corgi - enough to make me happy - but he was being walked by a woman in a very cute skirt. she had her coffee, her dog, just strolling along, when she STOPS at the lovely flower shop on fairview and unlocks the door.

i continue to post office, do business, and come out to find her in a cute APRON! setting out flowers on the sidewalk for the day. she's turned on some classical music that is playing outside, and the CORGI! has settled into his dog bed inside her shop.

i could have died of sheer happiness tinged with envy.

why is this woman living my life?

quite possibly the smartest idea ever

By 5/15/2008


aesthetic outburst puts prints on clipboards.


style on a budget

By 5/15/2008

i just met these shoes in person and they're very good looking for $35.

additionally, here are a couple of cynthia rowley bags for target.

fairly cute.

Justice - D.A.N.C.E

By 5/15/2008

since we make t-shirts all day long at the workplace, i thought this video was pretty cool

let's eat

By 5/15/2008

i love these dinner invites from etsy seller twoguitars

i'm obsessed

By 5/15/2008


brown bird home

By 5/14/2008

remember the bowl o' letters i blogged about a while back - from the new store in my neighborhood?

here's a shot of the interior. they're doing such a good job. its the only store of its kind in raleigh, and i hope they can make it!