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spotty dotty

By 4/30/2008
in honor of the spots of poison ivy appearing on my arm this morning, let's look at some other spotted and dotted things together, shall we?

oh my never

By 4/30/2008
these hand embroidered mexican bedspreads are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. i'm in love.

found via oh happy day.


By 4/29/2008
i finally got around to seeing ratatouille a few weekends ago. i ordered it off indemand and watched it one sunday afternoon whilst eating a bag of BOLD chex mix (which target does not carry anymore, why?). nothing could be finer.

its such a great movie. happy and fun.

bookcase of the day

By 4/29/2008

guess what?

By 4/28/2008
i'm going to chicago on friday.
just to visit. i've never been!

i'm going with mom, mom-in-law, and cousins - for shopping, eating, strolling.

anything i should be certain not to miss? what should i wear? will it be cold during the day? windy?

i've made a map on google and included:
sprout home
jayson home and garden
modern times
art effect
anthropologie (just b/c we don't have one here)

what else?

weekend gardening

By 4/28/2008
my mom and i did that planting i had mentioned to you early last week.

we went to the farmer's market sunday morning and found lots of pretty things. viola are the results:

swiss army blanket

By 4/25/2008
i've had my eye on a swiss army blanket for a while now.

i may have to stop in at p.o.s.h and pick one up when i'm in chicago next weekend.

and store it away for next fall, of course. our bedroom is sort of like a loft on the second floor of our house, so it catches all the hot air and bakes us at night.

new shoes.

By 4/24/2008
i needed some new sandals for warm weather so i got these.
they were on clearance for $29.95, and i didn't have to use my brain much to decide on them b/c they're so simple.
good deal + minimal amounts of brain power = good purchase


By 4/24/2008
{a kitchen herb garden from back in july}

a way to pull it off!

ikea's new plant stands


By 4/24/2008

this floor pillow is from ikea's new summer collection. i think it might be perfect for making an ottoman out of. remember when we talked about this idea?

i think this might be the one!

would i stack two, or just do one, and raise it somehow?

bookcase of the day

By 4/24/2008

a new discovery

By 4/23/2008
cuban movie posters.
aren't they rad??

read about them here, read more here, then looked on ebay.

death becomes you

By 4/23/2008
or at least your decor.

new pillows from urban outfitters.


By 4/23/2008
there's something about scallops - i just love them.

isaac mizrahi shoes at target

diane von furstenberg luggage

pocket mirrors from pink loves brown
koi scale fabric at reprodepot

coaster from iomoi

where else have you seen scallops?


By 4/22/2008

i thought these embroidery hoop bullentin boards were so clever and cute, i had to post them, again.
seen first on decor8.

bookcase of the day

By 4/22/2008

(if i found this on your blog, let me know - b/c i can't remember the name!)

yes, here. thanks gretchen.

pop tarts

By 4/21/2008
alright, stay with me on this.
out of nowhere, i had an intense craving for a pop tart, of all things. and no i'm not pregnant. so i was just going to post a pop tart, and we could discuss how long its been since you've had one. a while right? so i went to flickr to find an enticing pop tart photo, and was overwhelmed with cute (and delicious) things that feature pop tarts. for example:
a pop tart ice cream sandwich

pop tart soaps! made by soapylove.

a pop tart necklace made by mossyowl

an extra cute cell phone holder made by bitter sweet

embroidery by the floss box

and finally, this looked like the most tasty meal ever. ever. pop tarts and tator tots. delight.

luncheon of the boating party

By 4/21/2008

you may have noticed i've added a little bit on the right about what i'm reading currently.

i have to share more about the particular book i'm reading now, luncheon of the boating party by susan vreeland. its the story of the execution of renior's famous painting, and its so great - i can't put it down.

you find out who everyone in the painting is - and how they all came together.

its lovely - you should read it.

later skaters

By 4/17/2008

brian and i are taking a long weekend -- so i won't be back around until monday. i hope everyone has a lovely weekend, happy passover if applicable, and carry on.
{the weather is supposed to be lovely}


By 4/17/2008

is it wrong for me to love the new mini sofa at pottery barn?

look at him! so tiny! yet so ... proud!

you're right, it is. i'm done.

trimming the fat.

By 4/17/2008

ha! i like this idea of putting your house on a diet.
ours is long overdue.

bookcase of the day

By 4/17/2008

milk bottles

By 4/16/2008

i just love these milk bottles from three potato four. i imagine this would be an easy DIY project.

their styling is so great-- such beautiful product shots!


By 4/16/2008

(yes, this is becoming a regular thing)

bicycle basket i was coveting.

used in a lovely office!


clap clap

By 4/16/2008

i love this song.
this is NOT how i feel today, for reference

i want a do over

By 4/16/2008

i had an intense struggle getting out of bed this morning.

i think pollen is wreaking havoc on my life and general constitution. my head hurts. i feel sort of manic-ly out of it. my nose was bleeding this morning? and my skin is dry.

i'd rather be in bed. this is a nice bed don't you think? i've never had a duvet. they're always too hot when i try them. but this looks so comfy. drifffftttting away hsidkorjelkncbb;lahblah.

today's inspiration.

By 4/15/2008

home office, anyone?

shine a light

By 4/15/2008

we saw the scorsese biopic on the stones last week at the imax theatre in raleigh. it was AMAZING! like having a $300 front row seat at a concert.

bookcase of the day

By 4/14/2008

from here. so tall!

for sale

By 4/14/2008
i'm selling some lovely goodies on craigslist, but they could also be shipped if you want a piece.

a brand new wallband from 2modern that brian was like, no.

ikea round stretched canvas. its 3' wide. why did i buy two? $35

two square stretched canvases i no longer can stand to look at. vintage fabric from reprodepot.com on them. each one is 3' by 3'. $45 for both

a brand freaking new anthropologie duvet cover i recieved as a gift. no longer in stores! queen size. $60

that's all. who's coming with me?