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CocoNelly the Cat Rap Music Video

By 3/31/2008

um. white people are funny. cats are great.

found on cuteoverload.com

small space, big style

By 3/31/2008
i am such of fan of this show on hgtv. the last few episodes that i've seen have been a who's who of .... cool stuff i'm actually familiar with.

for instance, a few weeks ago, there was amy gardner's gorgeous house in virginia, who owns rock paper scissors. same episode, the NY apt. from domino with the walls painted about 3/4 the way up in that lovely gray paint, and the lofted bed. remember?
and...the crazy roy lichtenstein apt. from domino as well! with all the chairs!
then! last week i was at the gym and on the little treadmill TV, there's victoria! from sfgirlbybay.com!
i loved seeing all these places in three dimensions. they were even more amazing.
i would definitely tune in for some house porn on tuesdays and thursdays at 6:00! (i think they might be switching to 9am in april, in which case, i'm indisposed)
oh wait, i had to add this! look -- sneak peek for tomorrow's episode:


By 3/31/2008
hospital style beds.
if they look this cool.

love the yellowy chair too!

almost april showers...

By 3/31/2008
hopefully will bring may flowers and vegetables!

we're on our second day of rain in raleigh, and its supposed to keep coming. our grass is squealing with delight.

brian and i got seeds yesterday, and some big containers to start our porch garden. we're planting tomatoes, 4 kinds of peppers: bell, habanero, banana and something else i forgot, zucchini, cilantro and squash.

i also got several different types of zinnia that i'll put in a huge galvanized tub i got for $10.

we should be able to plant this week, so i'll keep you updated!
more on ark here.

why gap?

By 3/28/2008

why does gap lure me in with this dress, and then show me these shoes --even allowing me to ZOOM in on them-- but not have them anywhere on their website to buy?
way to seal the deal gap.

please explain.
patient for the time being,

bookcase of the day

By 3/28/2008

and i'm also obsessed with her whole house.

an azalea in the window

By 3/28/2008

is worth two on the bush?

things i looked at on ebay last night:

By 3/28/2008

how we know everything is alright in the world:

By 3/27/2008

today's moment of zen.
take it in.

bookcase of the day

By 3/27/2008

a little sparse for my taste, but acceptable.

this is a life saver

By 3/27/2008

i'm lacking in all kitchen abilities so this cookbook is hands down the most wonderful thing ever.

it tells such things as the best way to cook a chicken breast. just a chicken breast. simple and perfect, everytime.

they try 29834 ways to cook everything, and then tell you which works best. hurrah for that.


By 3/27/2008
did you see this yesterday?

it is ingenious. i must do this.

doesn't that look cool?
like a queen elizabeth collar on your ceiling.

Ferdinand The Bull

By 3/27/2008

i hope everyone has a glorious easter weekend, and please don't forget to sit quietly and smell the flowers, if need be.

over and out

(i'm seeing now this is just posted - it should have been up friday. boo to youtube)


By 3/26/2008
vintage quilts in action.

from blogger homebug's flickr set of her casa.

my t-shirt stacks are getting fatter

By 3/26/2008

the new fave is this one. tri-evergreen is lovely in person.

at the UNC game on sunday.

By 3/26/2008

look closely.
108 points. outstanding.


By 3/26/2008

headboards from anthropologie.



By 3/26/2008

found the cord!

check out these gelatos i saw on monday.

at sugarland on franklin street in chapel hill.


By 3/26/2008

i really have so many lovely pictures to share with you -- from the UNC game on sunday, and several house projects i want to update you on BUT i cannot find the cord connector thing for the camera. so until then, please wait patiently.


By 3/25/2008

since i am now uncomfortable with plastic of any sort, i'd like to have a few of these aluminum bottles to keep water in. and perhaps crawl up in and live inside since everyfreakingthing around comes in plastic and its leaching everywhere. ick.


By 3/25/2008

tiny animals are best when photos are taken of them and shared.
don't you agree?


By 3/25/2008

i'd love to paint some walls gray.
do you have any gray rooms in your house? can i see?

way to not suck pottery barn!

By 3/25/2008
check out all these bright colors.
so fun.

wouldn't these shams (minus the duvet) look cool with the yellow dwell duvet?

today's inspiration.

By 3/25/2008

big r in the kitchen. fab wallpaper. yes.

on franklin street at lunch

By 3/21/2008
a bluegrass band, and a funny car.


By 3/21/2008

i'm having bedspread troubles.
ADHD of the bed covering.

we got this print for the bedroom and now this quilt is CALLING to me.
look how perfect they are together.
its like when you adopt a kitten and don't take her sister too.

but its small. 80" by 73". how do i work that on a queen size bed? riddle me that.


on wheels.

By 3/21/2008

wisteria has this new line of rolling storage. love it.

things on wheels = the new lucite. dare i? i did.

i'm still developing a master plan of basement finishing which includes coffee table on wheels, this rug, and everlasting happiness.
yes we can.

bookcase of the day

By 3/21/2008

soak it in my friends. those are books, on shelves.

domino, bloggers, everyone, let's be friends again.

By 3/20/2008
i want to get along. i want you to post each and every page of your favorite magazines until your heart is content. i will avert my eyes until my subscription comes. its ok. we can work this out.

i've compiled 10 things (there's actually 12) that make me happy, last-page-of-domino-style, to make it all better. see, i'm nothing but a dirty copier of ideas too!

i got my copy last night. its fine. drew's office - not that amazing. when you hire a decorator to do your 'studio' (what movies has she produced? - that new one coming out, he's just not that into you?), you've got a lot of resources at hand. i wonder if you can really look around and be happy knowing you paid someone to compile a bunch of crap in a room to look cool. isn't there some payoff in the effort itself? i dunno ... i'm rambling.

here's some stuff i like, un-sponsored, un-paid for, un-ruthie sommered.

green leather bags, areaware pillows, sheepskin throws, finding sea glass on the beach, mixed country olives, pink peonies, newsweek, deliciously made mojitos, dogs riding in cars, my chemical romance, cake stands and black etnies.

welcome to spring

By 3/20/2008
you're in it! it started today.
full bloomed, originally uploaded by shotam.

get rid of your junk

By 3/20/2008

i saw this on martha's homepage this morning - couldn't have come at a better time.

i don't need 100 more reasons -i have been in purge mode for the last month. i've been to goodwill every weekend with a full car load. something about getting EVERYTHING out of my house feels so good.
i've found that i like rooms better once i get the crap out. my wardrobe is more manageable without all the junk. its refreshing. i recommend.


By 3/19/2008

this post is for the 8 people left in the free world who don’t grasp this already, but iphones are freaking ridiculously awesome.

this fact was reiterated for me on vacation. alexis had her iphone, and from the beach – on a towel, in the sand, bottle of rum in hand- we were able to check work email, reply, get business done, watch videos on youtube, check the weather, find a place to rent a boat, rent the boat, transfer funds to an off-shore account (not really, but hey), look at blogs, find out what Britney was doing at that exact minute, download from itunes, and check basketball scores. not to mention the cool flippy function which I did often for the extra amazement factor

that’s like, all the things i do. on a daily basis. and now it can be done anywhere. so really, we could all set up shop on the beach, on a towel, with a bottle of rum.

brian and i are switching over in may, when our verizonawfulcontract expires. i can’t wait.


By 3/19/2008
usually, brocade home doesn't do it for me. too....much.

but i did notice these laser cut storage boxes and liked them.
way overpriced, but pretty.

vacay remembered.

By 3/18/2008
*more pics added today, 3/18
alright, for your viewing pleasure.

vacay pics here.

By 3/18/2008

i am ever so diligently uploading vacation pics today, so i promise to share asap.

confessions of a shopaholic

By 3/18/2008
do you read this series? i do. all 349389 of them. i don't read a lot of 'girly stuff' these days, but i will sit a spell and knock out one of these as soon as it comes out.

i think its because i can channel becky bloomwood everytime... b/c don't we all have the impulse that buying 1 thing is going to completely change our lives - take our style or image in a whole new direction, just from 1 purchase? i love the tangents she goes off on - a moroccan lamp leads to a new exotic lifestyle, dietary changes, new wardrobe, moving, etc.

anyways, i heard this am. they're doing a movie. i was day dreaming on vacation about who i would cast as becky - i can't remember who i came up with, but it wasn't isla fisher. maybe she works though - i keep forgetting it shouldn't be an all-american girl.
what are your thoughts?

i'm not mad, but....

By 3/17/2008

well, i sort of am. and here's why.

there are few things that really truly make me happy. like sigh, collapse in a chair, light a candle, enjoy life happy.

one of those things is reading domino magazine.

so when i look at blogs, on march 17th, and see the april issue of domino plastered everyfreakingwhere, it makes me sad.

i'd like to think every person deserves to flip each page in their very own personal issue, and have their own totally unique, unadulterated experience viewing the magazine.

every time i go to a blog and see drew barrymore's house splattered on the screen, or one of the top 10 new designers profiles, i shriek a little and spastically scroll down so that i can try and keep my one tiny little moment of happiness intact. i don't want to have to do this.

i mean really -- its the 17th. give it a few days. let me get mine. whlist you enjoy yours for a few more days privately.
blog about something else for a few days, form some opinions on the new issue. sit with it. think on it. and then, by all means, you can scan the entire magazine front to back and post every single bit of it. vomit it all up for everyone to reread.

just a few days. that's all i ask.

the dirty nastiness

By 3/17/2008
whewwwwww, i'm back. it was wonderful, all around! i have lots of pictures to share and hopefully will have them up tomorrow.

today is catch up so posting will be light.

katie rocked the house at guest blogging, agreed?

and UNC came out on top in the acc final yesterday in another show of hawtness from tyler. first ncaa tourney game is this friday!