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domino BOOK

By 2/29/2008

a whole book of wonderfabulous is coming soon.

pre-order here.
get me one too. thanks.

bookcase of the day

By 2/29/2008

oh. my.

today's serious discussion

By 2/29/2008

so, this is marisa miller. she's sienna miller's sister. and she used to be the jcrew bathing suit model. remember? something has happened in her boob area since then, but we'll address that later.

so now she's everywhere. victoria's secret, cover of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue -- my AOL thing today even had a pictoral of her so we could get to know each other better.

but here's the thing. she's not working for me.

i was looking at victoria's secret for bathing suits, and i find one i like, click on it, and up pops this:
her whole...deal... makes me feel dirty for even considering this bathing suit. she takes a cute, normal bikini like this and makes it.... dirty. its the boobs, the abs, the tan, all of it. argh.

yes, she's gorgeous. and her body is fab. but its all too much for me.

and now i'm done posting pictures of girls in bikinis - there's been too much of it lately, i agree. moving on...

here's your zen moment for the day

By 2/28/2008


love it.

wall decals

By 2/28/2008
personally, if i had to take a stance on wall decals - unequivocally - i'd have to say i'm against them.

they're stickers. for your walls. i don't know - that seems fundamentally college-like.

but, if given the chance to equivocate a tiny bit, i'd give the ok to these two:
the tree is cute. super cute and you can write on it.

and these are bright and happy and would look great in a white room with a big old worn leather couch. maybe that's just because i can't stop thinking about leather couches. big old worn ones. mostly because our microfiber one is being slowly taken over by stains and cat hair.

holy batman

By 2/27/2008
have you seen martha's effing prop room for the magazine and the show?
um, those are all cake stands. like, 3498 of them.
thanks for pointing it out alexa. you done good.

and the winner is!

By 2/27/2008

suceess from alloy.

thanks for the suggestion!

Jason Castro

By 2/27/2008

jason and i are doing fine. great in fact. thanks for asking. we're learning so much about each other every week, just really watching our relationship blossom. its special.

leah meadows sebastian!

By 2/27/2008

i met leah on monday night. she has extrememly long legs and cute ears.

no your eyes do not fail you, i'm holding a baby. yes we can.

help needed.

By 2/26/2008

i am in d e s p e r a t e need of a bathing suit. i am leaving in 10 days.

please help. send me something that will make my tiny little heart soar with delight. i can't find anything that will suit me.

two piece
not fat grabbing
(links to what we are NOT after)

thank you.

bookcase of the day.

By 2/26/2008



By 2/26/2008
there's a new store in my neighborhood called brown bird. i was convinced they were out to spite me, since all i want to do is open a store in my neighborhood, but i sucked it up and went to visit.

i was excited to find this wooden bowl of letters, all $0.50. i got a small c, and 1/2 and an &.

here they are.

kitchen towels

By 2/25/2008

pearl river has really pretty kitchen towels that are inexpensive. i'm a sucker for things i can't understand, so these work great for me.

keep calm

By 2/22/2008
the keep calm posters are everywhere, and often they are framed all funky b/c they're a funny size. i think they look so much better not matted. this is a perfect example. isn't that yellow fabulous?

Livingroom, originally uploaded by Chez Larsson.


By 2/22/2008

after some intensive investigation last night, i decided that my belly button is all wrong. it looks like the one on the left, whereas it would be so much better if it looked like the one on the right.

i posed this problem to my trainer, and she said to lose 10 pounds. that seems ludicrous, so i suggested some type of belly button lifting - i mean it really doesn't seem like it would take much. just a stitch, lift, stitch, lift. it would probably be like piercing your ears yourself when you're 13. right?

yeah, so, life's hard.
stay with me today - free associating for lack of better things to report on.


By 2/22/2008

today i'm thinking about summertime, more specifically, shopping at pacific sunwear, which i was a pro at in 11th grade.

they have cute t-shirts.


By 2/21/2008

its time to buy more sunglasses. brian lost his, and mine are scratched up like eff.

i've bought the same sunglasses 5 times. brian gets the same ones too.

that's my friend ermanno on the right and he also found the perfect sunglasses. only a handful of people could ever be so lucky to find their sunglasses-for-life match. the three of us did.

for me

and ermanno!

finish it off

By 2/21/2008
this is from an older house tour on AT. i think its such a good exmaple of mixing textures.
shiny, translucent, wood and matte finishes.
and good idea on antlers in bell jar. if you happen to have some antlers laying around, which we do.


By 2/21/2008

my friend john sells wind power to companies. i think he's really good at it.

i like this picture.


By 2/20/2008
two pretty prints from andrew douglas underwood

my new boyfriend

By 2/20/2008


By 2/20/2008

happy wednesday all.

this is a small project called applying martha stewart wrapping paper to wooden letters from michaels, then coating with modge podge. very easy and good results. suggested level = high.

bookcase of the day

By 2/19/2008

very tall books they have.

love the orange in the hall.

a few things

By 2/19/2008
1) i go on vacation in 19 days

2) the shelves are filling up nicely

3) valentine's day tulips make me happy.


By 2/18/2008

for crying out loud, would you look at those blueberries and tell me that is not one delicious looking pie.

another reason to summer to hurry along - fresh blueberries!

blueberry kuchen recipe and more mouth watering pictures here.

hunk o wood.

By 2/18/2008

i've always liked furniture made from hunks of wood a lot. everytime brian spots a downed tree, he starts brainstorming what we could make. most likely, we'd need a big wood planer to do something like this, which we don't have. but we can still dream, right?


By 2/15/2008

martha, i must say this looks absolutely delicious. i'll have to try it. thank you for the suggestion.

for sale on ebay

By 2/15/2008

liz, go get it for me. please. thanks.

or this one would do

the week in review

By 2/15/2008

last night we had sweetheart cut new york strips. {3rd installment in a series we like to call food shaped like a heart}

daffodils starting to bloom this morning

paris says, 'what's the rush? sit, let's have a talk'.

last weekend at the lake.

winter vegetable display

i like brian.


By 2/14/2008

i've always wanted a coffee table like this. i love the wheels.

i'd plop it on this rug, and call it good.

american furnishings via decor8

happy hearts day!

By 2/14/2008

for more critters with built in hearts, check here.


By 2/13/2008

check out this amazing rug from wisteria. somehow i've completely missed it until now -- i found it via frolic's guest blogger, elisabeth, who has it in her living room.

i have no where for it to live. maybe one day when the basement is reincarnated.

bookcase of the day

By 2/13/2008


By 2/13/2008
it would be fun to wake up to these tomorrow morning.

and a delicious omelet with mushrooms in bed, with a mimosa and a few oprah episodes dvr-ed and time to watch them, and a small brazilian dog that looks like a young black lab but is really 11 years old and minature.