Thursday, December 18, 2008


we have brian's work xmas party tonight, so this morning i came downstairs in this dress, feeling pretty snazzy.

brian said i looked like a storm trooper.
i looked at him all dissapointed like, and he said 'well you didn't choose to wear that to look normal did you?"


Kimberly Julie said...

I understand that boys don't understand fashion some times, but nothing about this says "storm trooper" to me... just saying...

Kara said...

why storm trooper? It's not all white...Were you wearing clunky boots?

Elizabeth said...

That's awful! It sounds just like something my hubby would say. I came out the other day in gray skinny jeans with tall boots and a loose gray Velvet cardigan, and my hubby said I looked like Lando Calrissian from Star Wars. He also said one of my new blouses looked like Dolly Parton from 9 to 5. Who doesn't love Dolly??

Kate said...

I don't get Storm Tropper at all. I could see extra from Austin Powers though. ;) It's cute.

Men have such a way with words!

Arlynn said...

Ditto all of the above, men are just notorious for not "getting" clothes!

I happen to think that dress is just fab, and perfect for a holiday party : )

Have fun & enjoy yoursely & that lovely dress!

soulpretty said...

LOL...what the f%*^? Men, gotta luv em...

mamacita said...

It's Rhoda! In a good way.

Making it Lovely said...

Yeah, Brandon says stuff like that to me all the time.

Sol said...

ahaha Jamie...
anyway, it's nice to have someone willing to give you an unbiased and honest opinion.. even if it's not a very meaningful one.

Anonymous said...

I think it is the forearms. They look a bit like armour. But no, I would not think storm trooper at all.

Anonymous said...

my BF told me i looked like the Karate Kid in this red shirt i have.

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