Wednesday, December 17, 2008

country living

earlier this year, brian and i considered buying some land in the middle of nowhere with a little house on it. it had a pond, and trees and animals and room to garden and a wooden fence.

we didn't go through with it, but this morning, i woke up wishing we did.

it's a great time to buy now - brian meares, i would make you dinner every night here.

or here

or even here


please sir said...

MY DREAM is to someday live in a lake house...the first one is amazing looking!

Two Tall Girls said...

#3, Dreamy.

Maison Luxe said...

okay, i am SHOCKED at the prices! holy cow. in seattle, those homes would go for $1,000,000+ easy, even in this crazy economy.

good lord, buy one of those adorable houses! and then invite me to dinner :-)

lauren said...

I have great friends that live in Meband and LOVE it! Very fun drive/easy drive to Chapel Hill and the rest of RTP (FYI)...

lauren said...

oops, forgot to preview. I meant Mebane.


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