Monday, November 17, 2008

you complete me

to fill the huge gaping empty space above the dresser, i hung a big world map - with thumbtacks. there's only so long a perfectionist can lay in bed and look at thumbtacks before they go bat shit crazy.

so i bit the bullet this morning and ordered what i'd always wanted to go there from

i even got it framed with a simple white frame and shipped - FOR UNDER $100. beat that. (top secret code FF2008 gets you 25% off, and shipping is free!)


Anonymous said...

the map you have hanging currently is crooked.

i suwannee said...

ceiling is sloped. map is parallel to dresser.

Kwana said...

Anon cracks me up. Congrats on your purchase. Lovely. Enjoy.

Two Tall Girls said...

this is going to look good! i've been wanting the constellation prints. there's just something about stars in the bedroom.

Anonymous said...

and here i thought it was a social commentary on the world being a crooked place. no? alright then.


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