Wednesday, October 22, 2008

looking at on ebay...



Amy said...

Gorgeous card catalogs! I LOVE card catalogs...I posted about them not too long ago, myself. Fun!

Kimberly Julie said...

Seriously, card catalogs are totally awesome. I'm dying for one!

Courtney said...

OK Miss need to hold a little eBay 101 course. I'd pay top dollar to attend one of your sessions.

So I'm dying to know more about the fabulousness of:
1) that oyster dish or ring or pretty little thing that's perfectly white and light blue and gold with red. Must know more!

2) That rug is fantastic!

3) GREAT card catalogs...ever come across anyone willing to ship theirs?

4) those yellow chairs are perfect.

Please share Master EBayer!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Card Catalog.I wish I would have.Greetings from Tajikistan ! Ramzia


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