Thursday, October 16, 2008

here's a fun thing for us to do

here's my bedspread...

here are my green walls and window:

i need some curtains. ideas?


little miss said...

1. Are not happy with the blinds, currently?
2. Or do you need more shading via curtains, et al? (my major issue as well)

My answer: I quite like the blinds, and if you don't want full curtains, I'd rig up my own roman blind-esque contraption in killer fabric.

If not, and curtains are a must, go for something punchy, like red. The green and bedspread are fun, but the rest is pretty neutral. Color, color, glorious color!

i suwannee said...

well, i'm thinking curtains hanging on the sides. not really for sahding, but mostly for jazzing up. it is all so neutral right now.

so fabric. please show me options. my brain cannot fathom it.

jordan said...

Do you have the R & B bed?

It looks like it. I just ordered one this week. I'm worried it won't look good.

jordan said...

Yikes! maybe I should cancel the order.

The guy said you have to eat the shipping but $70 isn't bad compared to the cost of the bed.

jordan said...

My plan, if I like it, is to have it painted with powdercoat paint. (Like at a car place.) Maybe red or yellow or kelly green.

Emma said...

What about black and white ticking stripe curtains on a black or white rod?

pve design said...

A pop of red would be nice or some sort of bamboo shade! Looks very asian, check out an asian market.

Meander said...

oh I say classic red! that bedspread is gorgeous, have been in love with that fabric for a long time. If you want the curtains to coordinate a bit - printer's alley in Raleigh has the fabric by the yard (or at least they did a few weeks ago). Love your posts! Hope you and yours (especially the precious doggy) are having a fabulous weekend!
Ciao darling!


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