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weekend update

By 9/29/2008

brian made kugel for rosh hashanah {happy new year sarah and liz!}

we dogsat the big dog

we stocked up on can goods to practice for deep recession

i ironed lots of napkins and tablecloths for the open house on saturday. my roots mean business - see how long they are? for crying out loud how long is it going to take to get my hair back to normal?

the fruits of my labor - these will be for sale at furbish studio!


  1. Once again, I am really mad I don't live closer for that darn sale!

    Also, I am needing to do another cleanse, maybe early November? All in?

  2. Happy New Year to you two from a Jew down under!

  3. those napkins would be nice here.
    what about a give-away.... or I guess I could always fly down there and buy some!

  4. Mm, canned goods for the recession...very good idea. I'll add it to the grocery list! Love the napkins!

  5. I've never had kugel, isn't it eggy and noodly? I think I'd love it.

    I don't know which napkin I like more, the rhino or the stag.

    I'm so excited for you getting the Halloween schnauzer! Boy or girl? Name picked out?

  6. Just wanted to say that you have a lovely looking kitchen!

  7. I was told to stock up on canned goods, guns, and gas.

    I think I'll start with canned goods.

    I love the napkins...did you screenprint them? I've had a similar thing in mind only with tea towels.

  8. why dont you dye your hair an "in between" brown while your roots grow out?


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