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By 9/08/2008

greetings and salutations.

we are back from a whirlwind weekend in lynchburg viriginia. our friend stephen got married, and it was hands down the sickest wedding weekend i've ever been to. the rehearsal dinner was nicer than any wedding i've attended. it was quite the todo. there was a brunch with a bloody mary bar and ladies wore hats.
and i did go to the jcrew outlet {thanks for that suggestion!}. they had lovely shoes and i would go there in a quicksecond if i had to outfit bridesmaids in lovely green dresses with pockets for $50 each.

in other news, our schnauzer mom had her babies -- 3 boys in the litter. 2 are spoken for, and the third is a possibility. the owner is waiting to see if he's a perfect show dog, or less than perfect {which means we get it!}. fingers still crossed.

we had a tiny hurricane event. 4.75" of rain! the creek in our backyard is ferocious. i planted grass AGAIN yesterday - we'll see what comes of that.

this week my mom and i are going to work hard on getting lots of projects finished for the open house. i need to reclaim a few rooms in my house back from frames, vases, paper, etc.

so that's that. i hope you're swell. let's try to talk more this week.


  1. Have a wonderful week.! Fingers crossed for you on the schnauzer.

  2. Where was the rehearsal dinner located?