Tuesday, August 19, 2008

smoking hot hotness.

at my house, we're always on the quest for something even hotter {spicy!}.

i think we've killed our taste buds on this quest, so its necessary to keep finding new things to try.

the best hot sauce i've come across is the habanero sauce you can get on the side at cosmic cantina (in chapel hill, durham and new york only - so sorry if you're not in one of these places for you're missing out). they make it themselves, and don't sell it.

what's the hottest {spicy!} sauce or condiment you've come across? i'm willing to try anything!

{picture from tower 7 at wrightsville beach}


Leslie/Miss Havisham said...

When I lived in New Orleans I noticed that the hottest hot sauce was a competition taken VERY seriously. While not the HOTTEST I am partial to Krystal and Cajun Chef.

I'm also OBSESSED with habanero pepper jelly. Super spicy and then a sweet tangy aftertaste. Delish on a cracker spread with cream cheese then a small amount of this on top.

Sol said...

Jamie, the next time you start a swap, I'll send you something....

Mint Julep said...

I don't know about the hottest since being from Louisiana and now living in New Mexico has pretty much made me immune to hot food.
I will say that the best is Marie Sharps. I just drink it out of the bottle. It is THAT good!

suzanne said...

Yikes...you are a much braver girl than me! I feel like such a wimp...but I do love Cosmic Cantina none the less.

amber {daisy chain} said...

We love anything hot, in fact, food just tastes so blah without that eye-wattering, lip quiverring burn. Give Mrs. Renfro's a try, it's one of our favs.


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