Thursday, August 28, 2008


since about 10th grade, i've been wearing the same perfume: white musk from the body shop. its really powerful {if you know what i'm saying} - almost too much for everyday wear.

i sometimes throw in some coco or no. 5, but they're also pretty strong.

then there's my ananas imperial stick - but it can be greasy {though its my favorite smell}

so let's get to the point. i'm thinking of adding donna karan's cashmere mist into the rotation. {yup, that was the point}.

i always sniff perfume samples in magazines and i'm never struck with anything, but cashmere mist spoke to me! it said you can wear me everyday and not smell like a hooker or want to barf before you've had breakfast!


Feed the moose said...

I used to wear white musk, too! Actually, I still have a little bit left to wear for sentimental reasons.
Definitely try on the perfume before you buy it. Find it in a department store, try it on, and smell it on you 5 minutes afterwards, 15 minutes afterwards, and 1 hour afterwards. The smell will shift as it lingers on you.
Also definitely do some internet browsing to find the best deal. I can almost guarantee you that if you buy it in a department store you will be overspending! Good luck!

Kwana said...

I adore White Musk. It's been a while since I've worn it. Thanks for the reminder. I'm going to get some.


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