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By 7/28/2008

today's my last day. i cleansed. i cut out meat, dairy, sugar, caffiene, alchohol** and gluten* for 21 days.

it was remarkably not that hard. and i say this as i sit one block from whole foods. i probably would not have had such an easy time had it not been for lunch and dinner there...a lot.

the rumors that you'll fall over and die by day 3 are completely ridiculous. this was not starvation. it wasn't even really dieting, per say. i'd felt more limited on previous low carb diets.

for me, the cleanse was about becoming more aware of the food i am eating - the ingredients, where and how it was made, the cost, and the nutritional value.

so if you're curious, and you've been looking for a way to kickstart a change in your life in regard to the food you're eating - i suggest a 21 day cleanse.
at the very least, habits are formed in about 7 days, so if you can go 21 eating whole, healthy, natural foods, some of those habits will stick with you once the three weeks are up.

i'm going to stick with no meat for a while, and i'm cutting down a lot on dairy, but not entirely.

*i did not cut out gluten entirely, but did cut out processed food.
** i cheated twice - wine once and izze w/ vodka once.


  1. i dont think i could do it without dairy.

    i have been trying to eat mostly fruits and veggies. and i have been staying away from bread (minus whole wheat tortilla bread and pita bread).

    you know, I bet I could do this! ill try. you inspired me.

  2. what the fuck did you eat? like specifically. Meaghan was supposed to tell me what to do and then she forgot about me. :(

  3. well, i ate tufo burritos on whole wheat tortillas. lots of fruit. kashi w/ soy milk. lots of beans and rice. veggies. salads. Hummus. Gluten free pasta. gluten free pancakes. mushrooms. more burritos. pizza on gluten free crust. more fruit. nuts. potatoes. quinoa. pickles.

  4. Way to go, Jamie! I am done too, but amazingly, I was at lunch today and made good choices. Had a little cheese, but otherwise stuck to it.

    The hardest part about continuing it for me will be cooking for the family. Kinda hard to sit down to a family dinner when I am not eating anything they all are.

    ps, this one, you so can do it. I don't know what Dooce's deal was, but she didn't try hard enough in my opinion.

  5. agreed, Amanda-- i love cleansing. well, if i can find 3 weeks when I'm not traveling or hosting guests that is...

    way to go jamie! did you lose weight? (not that you need to :)

  6. Congrats on your cleanse. I am also interested to hear what results you had, all the gory details. People have wildly varying results to cleanses; it's always great to hear different experiences.

  7. Wow, I am impressed! I drastically changed my diet last year, and do very well at home eating mostly fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

    The problem is when I go to restaurants. I want EVERYTHING. Mostly fish, but yes, sometimes meat. And I dont dig most non-dairy cheeses. I like soy yogurt, but love Fage. I prefer soymilk to regular milk. But the cheeses? Gross to me. And I love beer and wine too much to give them up forever.

    Good for you! Youve inspired me to at least consider a cleanse!

  8. you go girl---i am in the midst of a 21-day cleanse myself. my friends seem to confuse it with rehab. no--a NUTRITIONAL cleanse, i say. i agree with you that it's not as miserable as it sounds-even though mine is more restrictive-- just raw fruits and veggies and some nutrient shakes--a purification program advocated by my acupuncturist. yesterday i reintroduced rice--wow--and the third week i will have fish and chicken. i am sadly gluten-free anyway so cutting out bread items was something im used to---nonetheless i will be glad when day 21 is here and im already planning my meal!

  9. way to go squeaky! good for you to take on the challenge. I did it a while ago and will do it again this fall. love eating fresh veggies and fruits and cutting out meat, dairy, carbs and caffeine and wine.(nothing processed.)
    introducing it slowly made me all the more aware and senses went haywire.