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vegas or bust

By 7/23/2008

Las Vegas Club, originally uploaded by Lost America.

does anyone have any tips on how to do vegas for cheap on new years?
vegas / new years / cheap = oxymoron, yes i know.

but we'd like to try!


  1. i had the same idea! hmmm. i have no ideas, so maybe there's a brilliant travel agent out there with some free rooms to give away...

  2. rooms are usually free in vegas if you have been here before. the problem is all the rich people and poor people come here for new years. try to find someone you know that goes to vegas once a year and they probably have 4-10 free nights a year and convince them to go or see if they have transferable free rooms. vegas is really cheap if you have been there before. also, all around vegas is really cheap to stay in year round. you should ask jennifer r. she goes there like every year.

    also if you know someone in vegas.. then its cheap. :).

  3. check out travelzoo.com they have good Vegas deals.

    stay on the strip, no matter what. its just easier.

    my dad got a room at the luxor for like $75 a night when you name your own price.

    airfare is a different story. check out southwest airlines, they have a lot of flights there.

  4. Look in the Saraha, its on the Strip but very north - away from central Strip action. They are doing a huge renovation; so you can request a new room or they should be mostly finished by January. I would also suggest avoiding the lux hotel's buffets, they run from $20 - $40 per person. I think you spend less at a sit down restaurant. Oh and leave your ATM card at home - thats how I always get into trouble: gambling and ATM.

  5. I always stop in Vegas for a night when I make the LA to Lexington cross-country drive...I don't know why, because I absolutely hate Vegas. but, my opinion changed slightly when my BF and I stayed at the Golden Nugget, which is in the older part of Vegas. it was GREAT! the room looked like it hadn't been touched since the late 70's, but in a great way...the whole area was way radder than the super icky, silicone, frat-tastic Strip. in my opinion, anyway...

  6. the chick that does my hair is going in a few weeks and she they got a great deal through southwest. she wasn't sure what it would be like for nye.

    good luck!

  7. if your set on going for news years I am not sure you can do it cheap. Right now you can get great deals at Planet Hollywood and The Venetian because they just opened up a new tower called Plazzo. If you are a gambler, make sure you open up a players card at the hotel you are staying at and try to spend most your money there- you will most likely earn a free buffet UNLESS your a really big gambler than you can be comp a room for your next stay.


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