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By 7/10/2008

i really like this chair from pottery barn, especially with that green side table. we don't have anything in our house near this traditional.

maybe for the basement?

yal just wait -- once we start figuring out the basement = fun times.
its going to be a doozy. i'm going to need lots of help.
it's a huge room with two columns smack in the middle of it.


  1. i like it.

    it would go cute with your red room. funky it up a little.

  2. Here's some sage advice. If you can't sit in the chair before you buy it, DON'T BUY IT. I have spent a bunch of dollars on furniture that looked really cool but when it came, just was not comfortable.

    Regarding the redoing of your basement- girl, if you want some help, call me. I LOVE funking spaces up. You know I do.

  3. looks cute, but um...the legs kinda suck. right?

  4. i agree - the legs are awful. and jennifer you will be summoned when the time is near.

  5. I would TOTALLY make out with that chair.

    You neeeeeeds it, precious. You needs it.

    with love from Pittsburgh...