Friday, June 27, 2008

vole prevention unit = dispatched.

per our previous discussion on voles:

this may be next step for front yard.

the voles are freaking out lately. they've tunneled across the entire yard, and everyday i get home from work-- go stomp the ground back down, and then BAM, next morning, tunnel city again.

they're killing all the grass, and little pieces of me - quickly and slowly, respectively.

so. squares of concrete. must be considered.


v8_grrl said...

what is a vole? a very evil mole?
or is it Vol-eee...french?

I think it would slowly kill me also...don't break an ankle stompiing around those vole holes

i suwannee said...

refer to older post = definition of voles.

Pigtown-Design said...

A great thing to do it plant corsican mint between the squares and when you walk on them, the scent releases.

bill said...

Just did this last week! $4.89 per 12x12 concrete square at Home Depot - so great, I wanted to do slate but I think I like this better - good luck!

i suwannee said...

what an awesome deal bill!

tell me exactly how you put them in. just plopped them down?

megs said...

there was a redimade do it your self issue that had this in it like 2 summer ago. look on their site. you can also paint them.

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