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tagged, biatch

By 6/04/2008

my little apartment tagged me because I'M KIND OF A BIG DEAL.

no, but for real, i liked this whole answering questions bit, so i'm going to try it again. i deleted the last tagging post, because my answers were lame.

what were you doing 10 years ago?
June 1998 - i was gradumacating high school, thinking i was going to grow up and be a lawyer, getting silly 18 year old drunk off of 3 shots of vodka, and generally having lots of fun

what are 5 things on your to-do list?
1- get a DOG - brian do you see this, it's number ONE because it is IMPORTANT TO ME
2- name the dog bob barker
3- finish our basement
4- make a cake this weekend?
5- start an etsy store of fabulous things i'm printing

what snacks do you enjoy?
doritos and french onion dip
cheese on or not on things

what would you do if you were a billionaire?
share it with friends. do cool stuff

where have you lived?
winston-salem, nc
clemmons, nc
chapel hill, nc
raleigh, nc

people I want to know more about:
your mom and leslie


  1. How funny--in another comment I left I told you that my mom and her grandparents say "I suwannee" all the time. Well they're from NC, too! I suwannee!

    Love your blog by the way!

  2. i never knew about the NC Suwannee, but I used to vacation around Sewanee, TN. either way, the South is the best.